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Asphalt Strawberry
-- asphalt suffocation or healthy organic produce, your choice...

Dismantle the Disfunctional:
Tasks for Post-Industrial Restoration

Continuing analysis of zombie automobile/oil addicts and their ruinous effects on the world, such as the BP Gulf of Mexico offshore oil drilling catastrophe(s)

The Losing Game of Construction Activities:
Implications of Pathological Special Interest Human Behavior

Protecting nature from special interests

The Berkeley Memorial Oak Grove tree-sit protest is one scene in a world of transformation

Transportation Slavery in Industrialized Societies:
A Day in the Life of Anytown, USA

What It Is: Thoughts on the Doomed Designs of Industrialized Society

The criminal din of automobiles and consumerism will never let the light shine through to the inner core of being. Urban design is our television, with it's own propaganda systems. Full Story...

Auto-Oil-Construction Cartels Corrupt Public Commons

This examination of transportation infrastructure and urban design reveals deeply unfulfilled potential for a better quality of life.    Full Story...

A Graphic Look at the State of the World

summarizes the conditions of the world's ecology and humanity and how they interact and affect each
other. Please take a moment to view this resource on line at:
The 27" x 36" full colour wall poster, visually and factually stunning, presents an unparalleled collection of over 100 charts, 15 maps, and explanatory text. Rigorously referenced and linked to reliable, impartial sources, it is an extraordinarily holistic and integrated overview, connecting a maze of apparently disparate issues including: wealth distribution and climate change, oil supply and food production, global forests and global fisheries, toxics and soil degradation, population and
bio-diversity.    Full Story...

No Pepper Spray Trial in San Francisco

In April 2005, the No Pepper Spray Trial took place in San Francisco, California, the Headwaters Forest activist's court case against police use of pepper spray by q-tip on non-violent protesters, a torture tactic that was excessive and unnecessary use of force.

Download artistic info flyers

More at Unity Gardening Collective...

Urban Renewal Reports: From Hills, Gullys and Flatlands by the West Coast Bay

Clean Air Home: San Francisco Bay Area resident chooses clean air and quiet over gas heater and refrigerator

Reborn Carless: Happy to be Walking

It's great to finally not own a car anymore! This is the story of one person's happy transition away from car culture, insurance, repairs, breakdowns, gasoline addiction, commuter gridlock, into a life of local entertainment, mass transit, and freedom from corporate and cultural illusions.

Local Issues in Albany, California:
Albany, California works to save its last natural habitat. Oaks on the north side are a special retreat, meadows and Monarch butterflies delight.


Independent Media Center - Global independent news network emerges as people's news source

Climate Action Now! - Education and action in a war effort against global climate destabilization

Local Issues in Albany, California: Albany works to save it's last natural habitat.

Environment Articles and action news on issues of environmental coexistence

Wildlife and the Ecocity - Mike Vandeman's talk at the 3rd International Ecocity Conference, Dakar, Senegal, January 12, 1996.

Ban Automobile Advertising - Time to stop denial of the global environmental destruction

Kerry Richardson Photos from the West Coast forest.

People's ParkPeople’s Park: An Archetype for the Future

People’s Park, a favorite spot in the concrete jungle, a place to rejuvenate, reflect, cultivate gardens of life-sustaining vegetables, connect with others sharing their treasures of clothes, food, thoughts, knowledge, music, and more.   Full Story...

One-to-Many Structures: Music, Social

Polyrhythmic singing, a one-to-many indoctrination, or dynamic ecology of harmonies? This article describes a music gathering in a church on a late November evening in Oakland, California, and the simultaneous thoughts on music and social structures

Deadly Roads

Hustling and bustling about, your hours are spent, fulfilling the patterns designed by corporations, patterns of consumption without depth, eating without tasting...    Full Story...

Transformation of Our Living Paradigms

The paradigms of our lifestyles are not always in our control, so quality of life and sustainability are not always protected by the engineers of those paradigms hidden in the executive offices of government, business and religion, nor in the implications of lopsided value systems such as 'capitalism'.  Full Story...

Election Corruption and Media Distortion

The corruption of elections is invisible to most people because of the nature of vote counting technology and manipulation, and the focus of government and corporate-controlled media.

Biotech Forum Discusses Pros and Cons in San Francisco

This account of the Biotech Forum covers the myriad issues brought up by diverse members of the San Francisco community, the world community, including householders, students, business, educators, legislators, activists and more.    Full Story... More information:

Critical Path Today: Spontaneous Responsibility for Sustainable Equilibrium

What is the critical path today that we must take to hold onto our dream of what the world is going to be. R. Buckminster Fuller's book, Critical Path, covers a few things not generally known to the everyday person with a basic awareness. In addition to the physical inventions of his, such as the geodesic dome, he also invented a new way of looking at systems, where the systems are seen to be part of a larger matrix.    Full Story...

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Family Gathering
The Anti-War March in San Francisco, January 18, 2003

Anti-War March in San Francisco, January 18, 2003

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Poetry: heart pounding, there is a new life

Thoughts On Music

Media Reviews: Music, film, and culture.

Plant Gazer ... Forest Floor ... Art Room: new paintings by greg jalbert

Peter Limnios Scrolls, scrawled and cryptic, numbers as rhythms, subtle notation, this is the esoteric knitting of a San Francisco sage.

Serge Vladimiroff Rusts, swirls and geometrics by the filmmaker/musician.

Tropical Vision Rich warm lights and shadows.

tonecolor The synthesis of visual and music arts

The Spot Book A series of black and white prints from the Dr. Bliss.

Altered Statesman The fantastic light shows of Glenn McKay bring new visions to San Francisco Bay Area. Music illustrated, paintings harmonized

Poetry and Writings

A garden of ideas. Ripping madness, modern global insanity, introspective dreams...

geneticwordstreams, the potential garden watered by streams of organic words, by greg jalbert

Ship of Fools Poetry by Don Simpson

the house The crushing psychological din of suburbia. Poetry by Greg Jalbert

blowgas prose morphing into poetry by greg jalbert

Rubbery Eggs Andy Caffrey's striking tale of a short trip across the country and back.

A Day in the Park A story of deep visions in the forest and the return to the gruel.

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