Climate Crisis Journal

Recommended Reading on Climate Issues

It's a Matter of Survival - David Suzuki and Anita Gordon
An Ecotopia Emerging - Ernest Callenbach
Overshoot - William R. Catton, Jr.
The Ecology of Commerce - Paul Hawken
Not in Our Backyard - Marc Mowrey and Tim Redmond
Where We Live, A Citizen's Guide to Conducting a Community Environmental Inventory - Donald F. Harker and Elizabeth Ungar Natter
Six Degrees:Our Future on a Hotter Planet - Mark Lynas, National Geographic

Go down to your local library and go through back issues of Science, Science News, Nature, New Scientist and other science journals to read the latest reports on the earth's changing climate.


An Inconvenient Truth

This new film updates the people on the climate crisis of Planet Earth. This powerful film released in Spring 2006 is narrated by Al Gore, a longtime advocate of increased environmental awareness and protection. Visit the web site for information and previews:

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