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Broken Planet/Broken Systems

15-Year Climate Stabilization Program for Humanity

Here is an Emergency Request!

Out book, laying out targets for each country on forest and energy programs will, in its way, be the key international document ending this century. We request that you order a copy now, and upon receipt, make the best possible use of the information.

The main subject is the set of charts providing figures for each country, based on the history of their forests and carbon dioxide emissions. This will be the first time that a focus is given, by country, for a 15-year intensive program to return the atmospheric carbon dioxide leve to the 1900 level. This is necessary to stabilize planetary climate in order to hald the accelerating extremes of floods, storms, heat spells, freezing storms, all-time record cold in the winter, and general yet massive rural and urban destruction.

Climate Treaty Conference

We plan a publication by early November for distribution to: (1) all United Nations members; (2) U.S. Congress; (3) related Administration personnel; (4) corporate, environmental, labor, church organizations; (5) media, and (6) community groups, plus individual orders as well as orders from other countries. This will provide an international focus for the Kyoto, Japan Climate Treaty meeting in December, 1997.

Making a generous contribution to the Earth Regeneration Society (ERS) will allow us to complete this vital work and the writing, and publish and distribute the document. ERS is a nonprofit, tax-deductible, corporation set up in California April 22, 1983, for scientific and educational purposes. You can see from reading this book the degree of our 18-year commitment, achievements and depth of involvement, i.e., "Emergency Climate Stabilization and Earth Regeneration Act" 1992-94 in the U.S. Congress; AFL-CIO national platform, CLIMATE-FOOD-JOBS, 1987; and a main participant in bringing about the United Nations' Rio Summit and Climate Treaty, 1992.

5 Year Deterioration

It has been five years since Rio, and the Climate Treaty. Many resource an human conditions have deteriorated in the five years since 1992. Internationally, we may now be experiencing a time of major turnaround. The new ERS book, with targets by and for individual countries, can be the fulcrum upon which climate stabilization will become a reality.

3 Million Sheep Frozen to Death!

The urgent need for an intense climate stabilization program has become more clear in this final half of the century -- particularly since the 1970s. The San Francisco Chronicle, August 18 and 26, 1995, reported the results of freezing storms coming from the Antarctic, hitting southern Chile and Argentina, freezing to death or starving and freezing "...about three million sheep," Steve Newman, EARTH WEEK.

Consider the above evidence as characteristic of the warming impact coming up from equatorial areas, with the increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and one cannot deny the entire climate-changing picture.

The ERS paper submitted to the 1988 climate meeting in Hamburg, West Germany, showed the need for: (1) rapidly expanding protection of people from the coming extremes of climate change, and (2) a crisis program of forest rejuvenation and replanting plus changes in technology which will halt nearly all carbon dioxide emissions.

Winter 1997

Even before this coming winter, it is clear that we need a crisis forest/energy program of climate stabilization. At the same time, we are facing the need for ozone layer protection, pollution cleanup, transition out of all toxic material, plus full employment and social support for all people in the attempt to get the climate stabilization work done before it is too late.

New Technologies

This book has a critical role in presenting the following information: Action is now underway to organize the final demonstration and manufacture of one or several new technologies which, according to early tests, will allow the burning of coal and oil with no carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere. One advance: reciprocating engines can now run on various forms of fuel, cease putting out nitrous oxides (NO), and put out oxygen only. This is key information for the coal and oil industries, the U.S. economy as a whole, and the public at large.

Importance of all Nations, Large and Small

Such technologies will reduce the conflict between industrialized countries and Third World countries. Our book present targets for all countries to consider and work toward, rather than omitting less developed economies from participation in their own essential goals/targets. This technological development, therefore, has implications for some of the legislation being considered in the U.S. Congress regarding proposed targets, under the Climate Treaty, which will be presented at the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) meeting in Kyoto this December.

No one has previously recommended targets for each country. It is our lot to do so. The targets are readily available for review and earnest consideration by each country -- and this is the first such focus!

With your participation, we will be distributing the book very soon. A few early copies may be out by the October 6, 1997 meeting called by President Clinton. This will start the ball rolling to alert growing sections of the public, scientific and political circles that we now have a workable set of targets and guidelines to consider -- for all countries -- both developed, and less developed.

You may place an advance order for the book from the address below. Cost: $20.00 U.S. currency, which covers packaging, handling, mailing and sales tax. Additional contributions are sincerely welcomed in order to publish this book, and we here at ERS thank you in advance for your tax-deductible contribution.

Make checks payable to ERS, 1442A Walnut Street, No. 57, Berkeley, California 94709, USA.

Voice Mail: (510) 849-4155; FAX: (510) 849-0183.

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