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Notes on Current Developments. October 14, 1995 L.253

Climate Change as Part of COPES

We are considering a one word symbol (COPES), for human survival together with survival of the total ecosystem.


climate stabilization: work on soil, forests, and alternative energy, and bring the CO/2 level back to about 280 ppm. in as close to 15 more years as possible; transform the glaciation process
ozone: high altitude ozone protection by transferring out of using chlorine, thereby reducing the ultra-violet radiation (B) which is coming through and causing cancer, killing vegetation, and living creatures
pollution: pollution cleanup; stop production of toxic material
employment: full employment as called for in the 1946 Full Employment Act, and the 1978 addition; Government make up for lack of employment in private industry
social: full social support for all people -- food, housing, health, education, ethnic justice
This COPES program means sustainability. It means community- controlled employment programs, transition into new non-toxic products; it means holding communities together -- a whole way of life.

Climate stabilization means bringing atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO/2) back to the level of 1900 (about 280 ppm), to re- balance our earth's biosphere and stop the warming/cooling process now moving rapidly into the next glacial period. That is why the 15 year target is essential. (See also item 931, L.255)

There is a broad strategy by certain destructive industry groups (and those participating in their campaign) to push actions that:
  1. only show a few of the essential variables in a system
  2. are an outright misuse of information
  3. string together a chain of misleading concepts
  4. use reports made up of accurate data, but combined with misleading suggestions or statements
  5. propagate their goal: stop any reference to the glacial process, the full climate change, or actions to stabilize climate
  6. keep the public confused: state partial or misleading concepts (in order to keep producing anti-social goods)
  7. keep the public from having a concept of the total life problems we are facing: in both ecology and social
  8. avoid a single term which almost all people can rally around in political solidarity

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