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U.S. Forests Are Being "Salvaged"

The Salvage Rider is in effect and U.S. Forests are being "salvaged" countrywide. Action is imperative as I'm sure you are all generally aware of the loose definition of the term "salvage". I was imagining what it must be like to actually see this process in action, up close, with all the images of the immediate and lasting consequences of this activity in view when a 'suggestion for action' suddenly gelled. I follow with my thought and invite feedback.

Walking through the forest, photographing the web of life, interdependence, and thoroughly inspirational and spiritual beauty all around you, you suddenly encounter a "salvage" operation. Like kids with cameras you follow their activities. "What'cha doin?". You're not trespassing and your photographs could really shed light on the salvage activity. If they try to stop you, Wave After Wave of photographers could really consume their time and slow production and their bottom line. Time is all these ecosystems have left to hope for.

Distribute your photos online and enter a photo contest for Best "Salvage" Photo. Post all specific salvage locations and directions so that more 'photographers' can 'discover' them. This approach will require a 'salvage sightings conf.' and a 'photo contest' site.

I imagine this idea may not be completely original or may already be in progress in some way but I offer it as an alternative/additional approach to the protest activities that are targeted by government 'labor time' for making arrests etc.

Everyone should see for themselves as well as document for others the salvage process in action. There's a tremendous wealth of photo-ops occuring out there. A National Photo contest and a mission to photograph and document might attract people who are not inclined to protest by blockaid. 'Obstruction' could not be justifiably used against persons not protesting but merely photographing the operation and it's consequences.

Logging roads are being plowed in with our tax dollars and silting is terminating river life. Sympathetic congresspersons fight vigorously with documents and words and arguments, but I've yet to see them bust out a wealth of photographs as I watch on C-SPAN, like photographs of heavy machinery crushing the homes of forest inhabitants and murdering their young in the name of "Salvage". We all KNOW that's happening. Everyone should SEE it.


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