Save Headwaters Forest

Headwaters Redwood Forest Action Page

California's Headwaters Redwood forest is the part of the last 4% of the ancient redwoods remaining after the intrusion of western civilization. Action must be taken immediately to stop corporate raider and criminal Charles Hurwitz of MAXXAM from illegally logging this precious forest. Call our government leaders and ask them to pursue the Debt for Nature plan. Demand that they save not just the Headwaters Grove of 3,000 acres, but all 60,000 acres of Headwaters Forest. For more info read this one-page brief or this 7-page report.

Call Now!

Vice President Al Gore: Phone: 202-456-2326, E-mail:
Bruce Babbit (Secretary of the Interior) Phone: 202-208-7351
White House: Phone: 202-456-1111, FAX: 202-456-2461, E-mail:
Governor Wilson: Phone: 916-445-2864, FAX: 916-445-4633

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