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Environmental Letters, Articles, and Book Reviews

This collection represents the writing of Michael J. Vandeman, Ph.D. with regard to the pressing environmental issues of today. He has a persistent clarity of vision of a future where humans transform their greed into a profound respect for nature.

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Table of Contents

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  • Wildlife and the Ecocity This talk was delivered at the 3rd International Ecocity Conference, Dakar, Senegal, January 12, 1996 and at the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment conference in Missoula, Montana, July 18, 1997.
  • Wildlife Need Habitat Off-Limits to Humans! - presented at the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment conference in Reno, Nevada, 2/21/98
  • Book Reviews

  • Book Review: How To Create Reverence For Wildlife (Biology by Neil A. Campbell)
  • Book Review: Extinction by Paul and Anne Ehrlich
  • Book Review: Reclaiming Our Cities and Towns, by David Engwicht
  • Book Review: Wilderness & the American Mind
  • Book Review: Effective Cycling
  • Ghost Biologists (Review of Ghost Bears, by Ed Grumbine)
  • Letters and Articles

  • Alameda Whipsnake vs. Bikes & Bulldozers
  • A Strategy for Saving the Earth
  • Jet Skis in San Francisco Waters
  • BART Proposed Fare Increase
  • Berkeley Bay Trail (Give Priority to Wildlife)
  • Bicyclists Helping Stop Highway Construction
  • Bob Is Dead Bob Vandeman -- killed by a motorist
    making a shortcut through a residential neighborhood.

  • Bring Back the Bison!
  • Canyonlands National Park: River Management Plan Sacrifices Wildlife!
  • Closing the National Parks: Long Overdue!
  • Critical Mass
  • Discrimination Against Pedestrians
  • Dogs and People in Our Parks
  • Dogs in Waterfront Park
  • Get the City Out of Our Parks!
  • The Effects of Mountain Biking on Wildlife and People
  • Habitat Off-limits to Humans
  • "Harmless" Recreation Kills Wildlife!
  • News: International Bicycle Conference, Basel, Switzerland
  • Destructive Knobby Tires on Mountain Bikes
  • (Mental?) Gridlock
  • Motor Vehicles Do Not Belong in Our Parks!
  • Mountain Bike Damage - Photo Gallery
  • Mountain Biking Is Being Given Priority Over Wildlife
  • Mountain Biking vs. Wildlife
  • Ode to Carlessness
  • Parks Do Not Protect Wildlife
  • Protection of the Environment in Japan
  • Question Computer Modelling!
  • Recovering the Alameda Whipsnake
  • Planning the Restoration of the Grizzly (aka Golden Bear) to California
  • Road Rights-of-Way Through Wildlife Habitat
  • Road Ripping Conference
  • Scientific Honesty and Honest Scientists
  • Sierra Club Sacrifices Wildlife to Please Mountain Bikers
  • The Magic of Place
  • Throwing the Baby Out with the Traffic
  • Is Traffic Signal Synchronization Justifiable?
  • Traffic Light Synchronization -- An Air Quality Benefit, or a Sop for Motorists?
  • Traffic Signal Synchronization Coverup
  • Vote for an Animal to Represent the City of Berkeley
  • Wildlife Committee Resolution
  • Wildlife Habitat vs. Mountain Biking in Watershed Lands
  • Wildlife? In Berkeley?!
  • Info: World Without Cars
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