Greg Jalbert, August 28, 1996
640 x 480 pixels

Art Room is a document of some of the visual ideas I have been working with lately in my art room, in the house I live in. The room is filled with mobiles that reflect light with silvered plastic film, crystals, small round belly-dancing mirrors, broken mirror fragments, bent wire, and paper cutouts. I use several mirrors in the back yard to beam sunlight into the art room for the best, most brilliant reflections, and at night I work with candles and unfrosted lightbulbs for all sorts of interesting effects. This digital painting captures a bit of the multilayered, polyrhythmic oscillations of the reflections. I have also been doing more painting with watercolor, gouache and acrylic in the past year, and have produced a significant new body of work, incorporating this rich multilayered approach.
Asphalt Strawberry