Images from the West Coast Forest

Kerry Richardson: Photographer

From Santa Rosa, California,
Kerry Richardson's photographs
have been opening the eyes of
viewers to the beauty of the forest.
The colors in his images are filled
with the vibrant light of a the sun
through the canopy of trees.

In Sequoia National Park, toward the southern end of the Sierra Nevada range, some of these giant redwoods survived the logging of their kind. The elevation here is near 6,500 feet. The snow had recently melted. In the valley below, the rivers were running high.

Near Glass Mountain, in the national forest east of Mt. Shasta. Was it snow that bent this tree? Here there is obsidian and pumice.

These ferns and alders grow along a small stream, a tributary of Usal Creek in the Sinkyone Wilderness State Park. Walking a short distance from here brings you to a beach and the Pacific Ocean.

These photographs were made in California, in the woods.

The right to reproduce these photographs is held by the photographer.

Photographs by Kerry Richardson ( Phone 707-575-1875

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