About Peter Limnios

by Greg Jalbert

Peter Limnios is an old friend of mine who is kind of a guru to me. He has a simple lifestyle, working in a bookstore and working on his artwork. As a musician, he plays guitar, keyboards, bones, and all sorts of objects. As an artist, he creates a space where he lives that is his art, an ongoing installation piece.

The work in this series is from 1994 or so, and includes a large collection of two handed drawings. These drawing are like the tracery of dances; a pen in each hand flows down the page in curves and lines, bouncing and changeing direction. Faces appear in odd proportions, and a task is presented to see the face and understand it's inherent character based on the proportions.

A collection of small scrolls is also included, long continuous two-handed drawings. Usually the colors are red and black. Some of the scrolls have been folded and glued to form small books.

Peter also produced a series of 23 books. In music, his favorite numbers are 2 and 3, from which all other numbers greater than one can be assembled. The 2s and 3s are rhythmic atoms. The books are diary books that Peter purchased inexpensively in Chinatown, as I recall, and are filled with sequences of the numbers 2 and 3. They can be used like a musical score.

A folder filled with about 2 inches of newsprint drawings is part of the collection, and the drawings appear to have been originally in continuous scroll form. They have been cut apart and folded into a series of small folios, with lines leaving the edge of one sheet and appearing on some other undetermined sheet somewhere in the folio.

Peter has also produced as large number of cassette tape recordings of his two-handed bones playing, electric piano, and synthesizer playing. He suggested that several tape players be run simultaneously with different tapes playing on each one, creating a rich texture of 2 and 3 patterns in the room.

Peter's last name, Limnios, has the letters M and N in the middle, these being the two letters at the middle of the alphabet. The symbol above is a symbol that appears stamped on some of Peter's work.

Peter has produced a video called The First Book of Esoteric Knitting, filled with his sounds and object assemblages and motions.

Photos by Greg Jalbert

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