A Poem I Won't Explain

by DZ

Hey white boy
I know you've got it hard
real hard
to have to push every thought out of that tiny hole
at the end of your dick
to have to navigate
every motion of your dim one-dimensional intellect
'round the curves and inner tangles
of those hairy sweaty sacks that
lay useless between your thighs
and sometimes mine
Hey white boy
I know you've got it real rough
always getting blamed for shit you did
or having to tolerate tales
of a fresh alive history done in your name
for your priviledge
always getting called out
by every
that thinks they know you
like they do
just because you wear Columbus's shame
and smell like Thomas Jefferson after he raped Sally Hemmings
and then picked up a pen and said some shit
about something he called liberty
just because you've got your fist dick shit in our faces
because every word that comes out of your mouth
sounds like it lived too long in your ass
and misses it like home
Hey white boy
it ain't my shit in your eyes
it's just my blood and someone else's "pussy" that you snatched on your way to the Third World
Hey white boy
with nerves to steal and all kinds of power
even if your poor
even if you say you love me
and even if I believe you
what have you got to say to me?
that I ought to like it under your heal or bent over your truck?
that my white sisters who deny me in your name
are right?
that they got sense
because they got you?
white boy
can you hear me?
can you feel me or anything?
do you know that sucking my blood doesn't make you alive?
Hey white boy


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