Eros Eluded

Vague the threat of consciousness
muffled words,
pretentious sounds,
choke-starts failing as ambitions'
misplaced hopefuls orphan-bound.

And ears that hear close in dissension,
and eyes that see cut back in spite,
as breath like stones
fall on each other
discord(cord) alibis soft lies;

Remain(main) chasten to the body
This moon heaves crescents to my side
a frailness wells is lost to recall
interned tonight;

they burn a candle
purports wind to scattered ash
seal the veil of sensuality
in mortared eyes of pebbled glass,

with skin soft paper apparition
skull like trophy on its side
shape lips, soft voice and broken symbols
fare(well) in time.

Soon, Worlds that spin,
spin in contrition
and dream like mist,like rain, subsides
as pangs like teething lose their comfort,
evade this silent passerby.

David Hunter Sutherland