root being

root, being, slow, deep, alive, waving, patterned, chaotic, related, interconnected, dividing, dissolving, stretching, waking, learning, consuming, cultivating, searching, knowing, finding, bridging, transform, understand, perspectives, revealing, acknowledging, practice, clarity, brevity, sharing, values, networks, ecosystems, plants, animals, birds, insects, water, oceans, rain, clouds, rivers, ponds, lakes, attraction, flowers, tastes, appearances, memories, anticipation, planning, beauty, songs, colors, behaviors, scents, muscles, spasms, laughter, crying, breathing, sleeping, walking, caressing, loving, swimming, running, laying, dancing, talking, seeing, blushing, drawing, gazing, showing, playing, humming, buzzing, jumping, yearning, leaning, sitting, listening, waiting, processing, remembering, sighing, prana, meditation, tribute, teachers, archetypes, squeeze, drop, alert, glance, eyes, legs, tongue, words, melody, turn, fade, cold, spice, flow, gravity, night, owl, distance, vision, patience, virtuosity, school, creativity, solutions, experiments, fairness, symbiosis, ornamentation, texture, aggregation, iridescence, coiled, unfolding, cracking, oozing, glowing, pulsing, heaving, smelling, steaming, sweating, peeing, mulch, mushrooms, greens, beetles, worms, berries, fruit, grains, seeds, bark, gourds, vines, clay, grasses, wisdom, thinking, caring, truth.

(this poem is composed to create a network of associations, positive and essential to seeing a healthy pattern of living. create your own poem to create your own healthy pattern. traverse the predictable and unpredictable alike.)