The Visualization of Music
a course at San Francisco State University

At San Francisco State University, a unique course, The Visualization of Music, is taught by renowned expert in the field, Sandy Cohen. Please contact him via email ( for information about signing up for the course.
Course runs in the fall of 1996.
Class Syllabus
Class #1        October 28
                        Survey of Visual Music (Sandy Cohen)
                        Selections video
                        Moritz video
                        Classification of Visual Music
                        Student intros/Reactions
                        Class Projects Discussed
                        Liquid Projection Light Show (Kitty Crowe/Don Simpson)

Class #2        November 4
                        History of Western Music Notation (John Ingle)
                        Vatican Manuscripts
                History of Indian Music Notation
                        World-Wide Perception Experiment
                        James Whitney video

Class #3        November 11
                        Perception in Dolphin and Humans (Sandy Cohen)
                        Ear/Eye/Brain anatomy
                        Perception video
                Perception in Three Dimensions (Bill Martens)
                        In-ear mics demo
                        Binaural sound in 3space
                        Stereo 3D slides

Class #4        November 18
                        Field Trip (optional) (Stephen Malinowski)
                        California Recording Institute (David Gibson)

Class #5        November 25
                        Computer Graphics (Jon Luskin)
                        BlissPaint (Greg Jalbert)

Class #6        December 2
                        Music on Internet (Damon Horowitz)
                        Max (Silvia Mateus)
                        Bindu (Sandy Cohen)
                        Software standards/multiple media (Andy Wolpert)

Class #7        December 9
                        Computer Music, MIDI, MOD (Marco d'Ambrosio)
                        Student Projects Presented

Class #8        December 16
                        Student Projects Presented
                        Guest Experts Panel