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Bliss Saver

Imaja Bliss Saver

Imaja's amazing animation toy
and screen saver
for Mac OS

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Bliss Saver imageMac OSBliss Saver™ features over 130 interactive dazzling animations as a screen saver and a graphic toy. Colors melt and flow through fantastic geometric and organic shapes as you trigger color effects and new animations with the keyboard, sound or MIDI input. Bliss Saver is a stand-alone application that runs in the background and is compatible with Mac OS 9, Mac OS 8, and System 7. Animations can be created with the companion product, Bliss Paint. Complete online documentation and Balloon Help included.

Bliss Saver images endlessly amaze you!

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Order online now!
Bliss Saver, Full version: $29.95+shipping (CD-ROM delivery)
Bliss Saver, Full version: $19.95 (E-mail delivery, no shipping charges)
Bliss Saver Upgrade: $20.00+shipping. (CD-ROM delivery. Available to registered users.)
Bliss Saver Upgrade: $20.00. (E-mail delivery, no shipping. Available to registered users.)

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