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Calendar Readability, Filtering, Time Calculations and Text Export for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, iCal and CalDAV Calendars

Filter calendar events by date range, calendars, and search text.

Calculate total hours, number of events, a billing amount using rate per hour, for the filtered event listing. CalReader enhances business productivity.

Customize font, size, calendar color style, and a line limit. Choose to display all event text or truncate for an abbreviated view.

Copy the event listing text, with or without the calculations, and paste into an e-mail or text editing app such as Notes.

E-mail event listings with calculations as TSV (tab-separated values) or CSV (comma-separated values) file attachments.

Supports display and editing of web-based calendars, including Google, Yahoo!, or other CalDAV calendars.

Compatible with iOS6, iOS5 and iOS 4.2.1 or later. All current devices, iPhone 5, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad and iPad mini, back through iPod touch 2nd generation (armv6 processor) supported. Hi-resolution Retina displays supported.

Version 2.1.1

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CalReader features highly readable, flexible calendar views in various color styles. Tap Settings to set Filter, choose Actions, customize Display styles, and more.

CalReader features include Filter, Actions for navigation, import and export, Display fonts, sizes, and color styles, Calculations for time logs, billing and invoicing, and Help.

CalReader features several event listing Actions for navigation, copy and paste, and e-mailing event listings.

CalReader provides the Calculations view to generate logs and billing amounts for invoices. Event listings with calculations can be e-mailed as TSV (tab-separated values) or CSV (comma-separated values) file attachments.

Choose from various Display formats, including font and size, calendar color styles, number of lines displayed per event and index navigation.

Choose from various display color styles, fonts and sizes, including an optional navigation index and line limit per event. Optional black background for dark environment reading.

CalReader supports iCal calendars and web-based CalDAV calendars including Google and Yahoo. Filter the event listing by selecting calendars.

One of several display styles available: Tint Top Left using calendar colors. Colors can be customized in the Mac OS X iCal app, or Google, Yahoo CalDAV calendars.


Great App ★★★★★
by cooooooolzzz

This is a really handy app for viewing, exporting your calendar, and especially communicating dates to third parties. Great for anyone who wants to share their dates with others; also works in an Excel-ready format. Customer service is top. The makers responded right away to questions and even took a suggestion into the update.

Class App. (v1.1) ★ ★ ★ ★
by MicReviser

...Is the ultimate application to search the calendar from the standard iPod...

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