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Detailed Features

CalReader provides calendar readability, TEXT/CSV/TSV export, and time calculations. Choose your favorite font and size for maximum readability. Filter event listings by date range, calendar, and search text, and export listings and time calculations at TEXT, CSV, or TSV files. CalReader features time analysis and can calculate an invoice billing amount and time log for a given filter setup, total hours and rate per hour.

CalReader can be used to log events on work/home projects. CalReader integrates CalDAV calendars including Mac OS X Server, Google and Yahoo calendars, and provides a unique tool for journals, diaries and event logs. CalReader's unique flexibility makes for easy browsing/reading of one's history or future plans. CalReader's events listing view displays ALL of the text of an event in an easy to read scrolling sequence, making it easy to read all of the details of your events.

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