Geometric Bliss - Imaja

Dynamic Tiling Tools and Animations for Bliss Paint and Bliss Saver

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Related Products

Bliss Saver - Saves your screen with dynamic interactive color animations.
Bliss Paint - Bliss animation authoring and performance Mesmerizing painting and animated color synthesis.
Waves of Bliss - Animations and plug-ins for Bliss Paint and Bliss Saver.

Space Garden Meditations - Plant and geometry screen saver animations and plug-ins for Bliss Saver and Bliss Paint.
Bliss Gallery - A collection of animations for Bliss Saver and Bliss Paint.
Astral Blossom - luminous, geometric screen saver for Mac OS X.

To order, send a check or money order to: Imaja, 1244 Hearst Ave. #7, Berkeley, CA 94702 USA or order online with MasterCard or VISA. Call for site license pricing.

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