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  • Available only from Imaja (510) 526-4621. Tom Snyder Productions no longer publishes or carries Imaja's Chrono's software. Updates to Chronos are available from Imaja.

Catalogs that DO NOT list or carry Imaja software

    Note: Many catalogs (on-line and print) profess to be 'definitive' listings of available Macintosh software. Of course this is not true. It costs too much for Imaja to list its products in all of the existing catalogs and often it confuses users about where to get technical support. Don't worry, you can always order directly from Imaja and get great service and free technical support. The following catalogs do not carry Imaja software.

  • Bottom Line Distribution web site
  • MacMall
  • MacWorld Buyer's Guide
  • MacConnection
  • MacZone

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Note: To add info to this listing, please email to Imaja Resellers Program.