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Indian Music Page Layout

Use Solkattu Workshop™ to present Indian music rhythmic compositions in a highly organized format for display and printing. Rhythmic compositions can be displayed or printed in Tala or Yati formats. Solkattu Workshop is also useful for layout of vocal and instrumental compositions. Any font and size may be used and there are many options to control layout, including line spacing, margins, phrase markings, etc.. A drum notation displays hand strokes in parallel with solkattu. PICTs (picture files) can be created for importing into word processors or page layout programs. A collection of Carnatic music (South Indian classical music) compositions and exercises is included. Online documentation with hypertext references is included.

Mac OSRequires Mac OS 9, Mac OS 8 or System 7. Compatible with Mac OS Classic running on top of Mac OS X. Printing in Mac OS X may require Adobe Acrobat PDF Writer.

Order online now! Current Version: Solkattu Workshop 1.1.3
Solkattu Workshop (CD-ROM delivery): $49.95
Solkattu Workshop (E-mail delivery): $39.95
Solkattu Workshop Upgrade (CD-ROM delivery): $20.00.
(Available to registered users.)
Solkattu Workshop Upgrade (E-mail delivery): $20.00.
(Available to registered users.)

To order, send a check or money order to: Imaja, 1244 Hearst Ave. #7, Berkeley, CA 94702 USA or order online with MasterCard or VISA. Click here for an order form. Call for site license pricing.

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