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Open this page in Speak News for speaking > (iPhone or iPad)

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iPhone Gallery

Listen to RSS news feeds with text-to-speech, hands-free with remote control on earphones

Say “Hey Siri, open Speak News” and listen to your news feeds

Share stories via Message, Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Reminders and other apps, Speak Story, Open in Safari, Word Usage, and more...

Customize speech behavior, news feed updates, display styles, smooth-scrolling, audio mixing and more...

Use the popup View Mode button bar to select different story views: Headlines, Short, Medium and Full. Toolbars are optimized for each model of iPhone and iPad, and for both portrait and landscape orientations.

Create custom sections to organize the bookmarks collection and use the Go to Section view for quick navigation.

Create new bookmarks with several shortcuts and options. Reference RSS news feed URLS, Google news searches, Twitter hashtags, Twitter users, Twitter searches.

Choose display styles from light to dark, story length, speech behavior, and more...

Access Speak News speech controls in Control Center and use earphones for remote control.

View the currently speaking or viewed stories in the Speak News Today widget, which autoscrolls through up to 50 stories.

Configure the voice library for reading stories. Voices rotate as each new story is spoken. Download additional high quality voices in the Settings app.

iPad Gallery >
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Bookmarks View

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News view

Tap the buttons in the toolbar to control speech playback, update, change view, share and open Settings:

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Share Activities

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Touch Gesture Shortcuts

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Edit Bookmark View

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Remote Control with Earphones

To enable remote control from the earphones for Speak News, turn on "Use remote control" in the Settings view.

On the earphones controls center button (between the plus and minus ( + and - ):

Use the plus and minus buttons ( + and - ) to change the volume.

In Bookmark Selection Mode, listen for the desired bookmark name and tap one time to open and start speaking the feed.

Speak News controls in the Lock Screen and Control Center.

In the iPhone and iPad Lock Screen and Control Center, the Speak News current story may appear with speech playback controls: previous, play/pause, next, and volume. The title of the feed, the current story headline and an excerpt of the story will appear. (Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to view the Control Center.)

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Use the Settings view to configure the text display, graphic style and behavior of Speak News. Tap the gear icon button in the toolbar in the Bookmarks or News view to open Settings.


Speech sound: Speech behavior: Scrolling section: Bookmarks view: Today widget settings: Miscellaneous settings: Notes:

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Keyboard shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts are available when using a Bluetooth keyboard with the iPhone or iPad.

Bookmarks view:

News view:

Settings view:

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Custom URL Scheme

The Speak News app supports a custom URL scheme to provide a way to open RSS feed URLs directly into the Speak News app, also adding a new bookmark for the URL if it is not already included in the Bookmarks collection. The URL is the same as a typical RSS feed URL except it replaces “http://” or “feed://”

with “speaknews://”. Examples:



A feed title may also be added to the URL as a parameter (sntitle). This feed title will be used as the bookmark feed title in Speak News. Spaces in the title should be replaced with +. If a feed title is used in the URL, Speak News will try to create a feed title based on the URL.


If URLs of this form are included in emails, text files, or other text, the URL will often be automatically converted to a clickable link by the Data Detector code in iOS.

The new bookmark will be added after the current bookmark (which is marked with the blue diamond in the Bookmarks view).

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Speak News RSS Feed Library

Use the RSS Feed Library to add RSS feeds to your Speak News app on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Tap a link and it will open in Speak News where you can add it as a bookmark. The new bookmark will be added after the current bookmark (which is marked with the blue diamond in the Bookmarks view).

Speak News Articles

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Speak News 2.3 Release Notes: Wikipedia, queries and natural language custom URLs

Open the Speak News 2.3 release notes for speaking > (iPhone or iPad)

This Speak News app update includes three new features: Wikipedia page bookmarks, query bookmarks for cached stories containing a phrase, and a new natural language custom URL format.

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How to import Feedly OPML into Speak News

Learn how to import Feedly OPML into Speak News to view and listen to Feedly RSS. Click here for details >

Speak News: an efficient RSS news reader for iPhone and iPad

Read a user’s experienced thoughts on the design and features of Speak News.

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For questions, bug reports, and feature requests for Speak News, please contact Imaja via e-mail. We will try to respond within a day, usually much sooner.

> E-mail Support:

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