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Fast text editing with macros for web page authoring

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Texplore is a fast text editor with a simple macro system and a set of HTML macros for Web page editing. It also makes reading text documents on your screen easier with it's smooth auto-scrolling capabilities.

The intent of Texplore is to save paper and trees, a very important issue these days with the rampant clear-cutting of forests and destruction of natural habitat for the millions of other species on this planet. It works!

You can download Texplore now from the Imaja Demo and Sample Library.


  • Undo (for typing, Cut, Paste, Clear, Replace, and Macro commands)
  • Minimal font menu for fast startup
  • Option for full font menu
  • Font Size menu
  • Find, Find Again and Replace commands
  • Multiple file editing with an automatically numbered window menu
  • Easily programmable macros
  • Includes a set of HTML macros for Web page editing
  • Syntax coloring to hilite strings and HTML tags
  • Make Paragraph command to reconnect broken paragraphs from e-mail messages
  • Send to Browser command to open the top document in Netscape Navigator web browser during web page development.

The Macro window lets you do a macro operation with a single click. The included set of macros are designed for HTML editing for the World Wide Web.

The macro system is stored in a text file and is easily programmable.

HTML editing is made easy with syntax coloring; all HTML tags can be colored. Another macro will strip all tags from the HTML file, leaving only the text. There's even a macro to help pick colors for backgrounds, text, and links.
The Outline window is alternate way to view a text document and includes collapsible paragraphs and smooth auto-scrolling. It automatically sets the short title lines in bold text. The Outline window is useful for scanning the main sections of a prose document.


Texplore is compatible with Mac OS 9, Mac OS 9 Classic under Mac OS X, Mac OS 8. Texplore requires a PowerPC-based or 68K-based Mac. Texplore is not yet compatible with Intel-based Macs.


You can download Texplore now from the Imaja Demo and Sample Library.


Texplore is a shareware product from Imaja, and costs $20 (US). If you continue to use Texplore after a trial period of 7 days, then you must pay for the software.

Order online now!
Current Version:
Texplore (E-mail delivery): $20.00
Texplore (CD-ROM delivery): $20.00

To order by mail, send a check or money order to:

1244 Hearst Ave. #7
Berkeley, CA 94702 USA

Call for site license pricing.

Updates will automatically be available on Imaja's Internet Web site. There is no demonstration version. The Texplore version you download is the full version.

Texplore is Copyright © 1995-2004 Greg Jalbert, and may not be sold by third-parties or included in products that are sold by third-parties. Texplore may not be modified in any way, and all associated files, such as the Texplore Documentation and TexploreMacros files must always be included in any redistribution.

Texplore is a trademark of Imaja. Macintosh is a trademark of Apple Computer Inc.

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