The Golden E-A-R:
Enduring-Accessible-Repertoire for Solo Guitar

compiled, arranged and type-set by Froc Filipetti

A Historically organized compilation (90 pages from the Renaissance to Modern) of the most accessible and attractive music ever assembled between two covers... guaranteed! This is a must for any avid guitarist. Includes opus and source info, chord symbols and minimal fingering!

86 pages, eBook PDF format (Adobe Reader required), E-mail delivery

Sections: Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern

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The Golden E-A-R by Froc Filipetti: $12.95 (PDF format, E-mail delivery)

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This anthology is the last leg of a four year pedagogic journey, fueled by my dissatisfaction with the bland state of student repertoire materials. Even the better stuff all seemed to have incomplete source information or some presentation flaw, which I vowed to "someday" overcome. Alas, that vow, turned out to be a much greater task than I imagined, but hopefully there are at least some improvements, herein. Pieces are organized by the five main musical periods and notable composers, not by any presumed gradient of difficulty. Indeed, some selections are more difficult than others, but most are within reach.

My main objective was to embrace the following criteria: • Historical Perspective • Minimum Score Congestion • Proper Opus/Source Information • A-B-C Chord Symbols • High Musical Reward

No fingering before its time... Fingerings are only provided in "crash and burn" situations. I encourage you to explore your own formulas. This in itself is a most valuable undertaking.

About nails... I do not use nails of the right hand, but I did for many years. Then I read Sor's method (c.1832), clipped off my nails and have no desire to go back. I now agree with Sor and Tarrega, that nails are often impractical and always a nuisance. This is not about right or wrong, but really about what works for you, making informed choices and testing options.

The greatest portion of your guitar life will be playing/working by yourself... This is why I strongly encourage finger style solo guitar study. Using a pick is great for many things, but playing with the right hand fingers "Classical style" is a very effective technique for realizing the "miniature orchestra" model. However, you can easily encounter a lot of confusing dogma in the Classical guitar world. Most of us are not going to become virtuoso players, but you don't have to, in order to play pretty music...

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