Guitar Geometry: shape up your playing
by Froc Filipetti

65 pages, PDF (Adobe Reader required), E-mail delivery
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Illustration examples from Guitar Geometry:

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Guitar Geometry by Froc Filipetti: $9.95 (PDF format, E-mail delivery)

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There is perhaps, an over-abundance of guitar methods. Depending on your nature, one may seem more suitable, than another. Any, however, will require a formidable investment of time and practice, in order to make any real headway. As one might guess from the cover, my perspective is geometric, that is to say, I focus on chord shapes, as the blueprint for musical ideas, as opposed to scales. My approach is therefore, based on: visual patterns that target chord-tones. This would seem to be an obvious pathway, if one has acquired a firm chord knowledge, however, such awareness has dropped to a very low priority, especially nowadays, when one-dimensional scale skill, seems to be the emphasis of most music publications and hence, student concerns. Speed and scales are fine as far as they go, but represent only the tip of a musical iceberg...

The focus here, is not on tricks, licks or scales (which are fine), but rather, a context for self-instruction, design, and a clear understanding of some basic musical laws. Many of the concepts are well suited to those who would like to "shape-up" their playing or "re-shape" their improvisational skills. Like a swiss-army-knife, this workbook is compact, but it still contains nearly all of the tools and maps you will need, in order to reach your destination...

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