GreenStar: Terri Compost: Naturalist


  Terri Compost
  (510) 658-9178

Plant Walks:

Acquaint yourself with Nature!

The best way to learn plants is to meet them where they grow. See, touch, smell, taste and observe where and how each plant lives. Terri helps identify and provide interesting information such as food and medicinal uses and plant lore. Take a Plant Walk!

Schoolyard Nature Hike

Meet the plants and animals in the vicinity of your own school. Take the class on a very local field trip, learning to observe the nature around them.

Neighborhood Plant Stroll

Terri will help organize a neighborhood group to explore the plants growing on your block! Learn about your neighbors gardens and the plants that thrive in your vicinity.

Yard Tours

Learn the plants in your own yard, the weeds (and their uses), the treasures, the potential.

Hikes in Nature Preserves

Group and individual hikes in Regional Parks identifying Native Plants and observing natures patterns.

Field Trips

Terri is available for field trips to natural areas with children.


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