Imaja Media: Rainwater: art and music journey on Mac OS CD-ROM
rainwater - art and music experience on CD-ROM

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Rainwater™ showcases exquisite images dissolving together with a soundtrack of intriguing mystery and surprise, with hundreds of images in countless combinations.

Jalbert, author of Bliss Paint, artist and musician, presents this collection of his latest work, including computer- generated images, conventional paintings in acrylic, watercolor, gouache and ink, and photographs of nature. The electronic music soundtrack is inspired ambient music, making this a special ever-changing journey. Each session with rainwater is a completely new series of images, randomly selected from hundreds included on the CD-ROM. Using custom software to control the dissolves, new images are created in the process.

This Quicktime movie is a simulation of the full screen, high resolution true color dissolves displayed by the actual Rainwater CD-ROM. The demo movie above requires Quicktime 3 or later. Click here to get Quicktime.


Mac OS CD-ROM: $39.95
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