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Bliss Gallery released by Imaja

Albany, California--04 Aug 94: Imaja, of Albany, California, announces the release of Bliss Gallery (TM), a collection of interactive animated color paintings for use with Imaja's Bliss Saver and Bliss Paint software. Bliss Gallery is available now for $29.95 from Imaja.

Greg Jalbert, founder of Imaja and creator of Bliss Gallery, says "Bliss Gallery extends the beauty of Bliss Saver and Bliss Paint with a large collection of animated color paintings. These paintings represent new directions in the use of color and form in the innovative Bliss medium."

Bliss Gallery is a new collection of over 200 animated paintings by computer artist Greg Jalbert. Each painting evolves over a minimum of 15 minutes into an image of ever-increasing complexity that is different every time. The paintings are constructed using the large library of scribblers and distributors in Bliss Saver and Bliss Paint. As with all Bliss images, the paintings are fully interactive from the keyboard, with MIDI input, or with the Macintosh's sound input. Sound and MIDI input require Bliss Paint 1.0 or Bliss Saver 2.0 or later.

The Bliss color synthesis engine at the heart of Bliss Saver and Bliss Paint endlessly synthesizes new colors. Most paintings are created for the monitorÕs 256-color mode and use color animation. Bliss Gallery also includes paintings specifically designed to work in 24-bit and 16-bit color (millions and thousands of colors), and in black and white mode. The 24-bit color paintings generate luminous gradients and exquisite transparency effects.

The Bliss Gallery collection also includes paintings that use PICT files in combination with the Bliss Saver or Bliss Paint built-in painting algorithms. Bliss Gallery also includes paintings that allow users to incorporate their own PICTs, letting anyone do eye-catching logo animation with Bliss Saver or Bliss Paint. The logo paintings use a variety of animated glassy smoothing and shadow effects with animated colors. As part of the Bliss family, Bliss Gallery represents ImajaÕs commitment to itÕs extensible architecture. Bliss Gallery paintings are easily added to the Bliss Saver paintings catalog, or opened up and modified in the Bliss Paint application.

Bliss Gallery requires a Macintosh Plus or later and is compatible with System 6 and System 7 and Power Macintosh. A color monitor is recommended, but the paintings also display on monochrome or grayscale monitors. The entire collection of Bliss Gallery paintings (over 200 are included in the package) take up less than 800K of disk space.

Bliss Gallery is part of the Bliss family which includes the Bliss Saver screen saver, the Bliss Paint animated color painting application, and the Geometric Bliss collection of dynamic tiling patterns.

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Imaja, founded in 1985, publishes a variety of graphic design, music, and educational software.

Greg Jalbert
Imaja, 1244 Hearst Ave. #7, Berkeley, CA 94704 USA
Tel: (510) 526-4621

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