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Geometric Bliss released by Imaja

Albany, California--04 Sep 94: Imaja, of Albany, California, announces the release of Geometric Bliss, a collection of plug-in painting modules, and new paintings for use with Imaja's Bliss Saver and Bliss Paint. Geometric Bliss is available now for $39.95 from Imaja.

Geometric Bliss is a dazzling kaleidoscope of interlocking geometric shapes that animate on the Macintosh screen. Used with Bliss Saver and Bliss Paint, animated color flows through the shapes with the trademark aesthetic of the Bliss family.

In combination with Bliss Paint, Geometric Bliss lets users create new types of animations with engaging color animation and complex shapes not possible in any other software. Animated paintings can be saved as PICT files or QuickTime movies for use in other graphic design, animation, multimedia and video projects. With Bliss Paint, Geometric Bliss adds to the library of visual effects for live video projection at music events--Bliss Paint can be controlled from MIDI instruments and sound input.

Greg Jalbert, founder of Imaja, says "Geometric Bliss brings a new range of visual expression to interactive animated color painting. These tiling patterns are a beautiful addition to the library of animated painting effects, and are sure to be a hit with graphic designers and performing video artists."

Included are several Scribbler modules that paint shapes in hexagonal and rectangular tiling patterns. Also included are a few Distributor modules that can be used to place other shapes in hexagonal or diamond arrangements.

Geometric Bliss requires Bliss Saver 2.0 or Bliss Paint 1.0. A color monitor is recommended. Geometric Bliss is compatible with System 6, System 7 and Power Macintosh. Geometric Bliss also runs on monochrome or grayscale monitors and runs on a Macintosh Plus or later.

The Geometric Bliss painting modules were created by software artist Sarah Fruct of BirdTree Associates. This is the first plug-in package for the extensible Bliss architecture. Anyone with knowledge of programming in the C or Pascal languages can create new modules, but in the case of Geometric Bliss, the mathematician/artist Sara Frucht has combined her skills to create a stunning new images and textures. The Geometric Bliss paintings are the work of virtuoso Bliss Paint artist, Greg Jalbert, and use a wide variety of dramatic animated textures, patterns, and synthesized colors.

The Bliss family of products includes the Bliss Saver screen saver; Bliss Paint, interactive animated color painting; the Bliss Gallery collection of animated paintings; and Geometric Bliss.

PICT files or EPS files are available from Imaja for publication.

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Imaja, founded in 1985, publishes a variety of graphic design, music, and educational software.

Greg Jalbert
Imaja, 1244 Hearst Ave. #7, Berkeley, CA 94704 USA
Tel: (510) 526-4621

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