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Powerful Font Library Browsing and Spec Sheets Printing

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ProtoFont: Font library browsing and Spec Sheet PrintingProtoFont automatically creates specimen sheets of your font library. With ProtoFont, you can easily browse fonts to quickly find the perfect font for a graphic design job.

Any number of fonts may be selected for comparison with your own sample text, making ProtoFont a fast and powerful tool for exploring logotype and headline design possibilities.

“I can not work as effectively as a logo designer without ProtoFont. I use it all the time and I just love it. Thank you!”
— B.B.
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Current Version: ProtoFont 2.2.
ProtoFont (CD-ROM delivery): $49.95
ProtoFont (E-mail delivery): $39.95
ProtoFont Upgrade (CD-ROM delivery): $20.00. (Available to registered users.)
ProtoFont Upgrade (E-mail delivery): $20.00. (Available to registered users.)