The seeds we plant, the body with which we dance, the head and heart, tender stems, full fruit...

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Through planting gardens and teaching permaculture in urban areas, we can build community, restore healthy ecosystems, insure the survival of heirloom and native seeds, eat pesticide- and GMO-free food, and enjoy working together to do it. Together we are building a web of people committed to helping each other move toward living sustainably and sharing the abundance the earth provides. Click here for more info.

What to plant when

Our chart shows what crops can be planted each month. Planting season is really going in full swing now, so let's get together!

Download a flyer of vegetables for planting in February (PDF format) in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Upcoming Garden Day

We may also work on planning for a garden day in Richmond with Marni Nacheff. She teaches in a small non-public school that serves an extremely disadvantaged population in Richmond, and has a small garden that they are interested in expanding. The class loves the garden and would all like to make it a more beautiful, productive space. They have some tools (shovels, spades) but lack some of the bigger stuff like wheelbarrows,etc. They would like to put in some raised beds as well.

The Previous Garden Day

The garden day at Hintil Kuu Ca school in Oakland went well. We planted two big beds with a good variety of August seedlings, lettuce, kale, beets, cabbage, spinach, fava beans, a few late green beans, and more. We brought some old weedy beds back to life with a bit of sweat, and Tom and Drew constructed and filled a tank of water and aquatic floating plants in preparation for an aquaponics greenhouse system. Thanks to all who helped at Hintil; we should have a followup party there to expand on initial efforts. It's a great space. The kids there are loving it.

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