The seeds we plant, the body with which we dance, the head and heart, tender stems, full fruit...

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BASIL - Bay Area Seed Interchange Library, part of the Berkeley Ecology Center

Seed Savers Exchange

Urban Wilds: Urban Wilds gardeners' stories of the struggle for land and justice is a collection of interviews and stories by and about urban gardeners transforming cities into vibrant green spaces and taking back the right to cultivate the land.

Sharing Sustainable Solutions has an extensive collection of information on sustainable independent living.

Berkeley Ecology Center (510) 548-2220

Community Gardens in Berkeley

Seeds of Change: Organic seed producers

California Rare Fruit Growers
Back to the Garden!
Seeds of Change - Organic Garden Seeds
Community Alliance With Family Farmers
National Gardening Association
Northeast Organic Farming Association: NOFA
Berkeley Community Gardening Collective
Planet Tonasket - Handmade Homegrown Organic Wildcrafted Earth Things
GreenLine - independent eco magazine
The Dirt Gardener's Gardening Journal
Organic Gardening by Samantha
Sow Organic Seeds
Gardening List WWW
UCSB Greenhouse and Garden Project
Old Mill Farm: School of Country Living
InterActivist Network
Alternative Farming Systems Information Center
NCAT - National Center for Appropriate Technology
ATTRA - Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas
The National Agricultural Library Homepage
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