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Kitka: Women's Vocal Ensemble
: Web site design (with artwork by Catherine Rose Crowther), print designs and production, audio production, FileMaker relational database design.

: site design and updates, graphic design for web and print, audio production, event calendar.

Music to Celebrate Life
Music To Celebrate Life
: Music group web site design, graphics, audio and video production, CD cover, postcard, poster and logotype design.

Barry Syska
Barry Syska: Musician web site design, graphics, web audio production.

Asphalt Strawberry
Asphalt Strawberry: Site design, content restructuring, navigation, content development, graphic production.

Radio-V: Server-side programming, page/style design, web video production, typography, navigation development, HTML, Javascript, MySQL database design, Perl programming, e-commerce installation.

PurpleGlow: Created online store: selection, installation and configuration of e-commerce and content management system (CMS).

Thomas Dolby AOL site
HyperActivate: Thomas Dolby
: Designs for AOL site, banners, buttons, backgrounds, photo illustration.


: Web site design and production, video and audio production, packaging and promotional literature, software and database development.

Steve Deutsch Music
Steve Deutsch Music: Music shop web site management, video conversion, graphic production, site updates.

Glenn McKay
Glenn McKay
: Artist web site design, graphics and construction, video packaging design, computer training.

Joel Harrison
Joel Harrison: Musician/composer web site design, CD graphic design, brochure design, audio production. (now modified by other designers)

Association for Cultural Evolution: Site redesign, content restructuring, navigation, program development, graphic production.

World Rainforest Fund
World Rainforest Fund: Web site design, evaluation of content management issues, since then modified by another designer.

Waterside Productions
Waterside Productions: HTML page layout from design templates, stylesheets, MySQL relational database design, Perl, Javascript, slideshow. (now modified by other designers)

CyberOctave Music
CyberOctave Music: HTML page layout from design templates, stylesheets, simple ASP content management system, Javascript, graphics production, training. (now modified by other designers)


: Web site design and maintanance, online showroom of custom guitars.

Arabica Restaurant: Design adjustments for compatibility with smart phones such as iPhone, tablets and computer screens. Font selection and layout adjustments.

UnityHealingHands: Musician web site design, video conversion, graphic production.

Steppin’ Out of Babylon
Steppin’ Out of Babylon
: Audio interview web site design, MySQL database/PHP programmming, podcast generation, print design.

: Site development, custom PHP programming, logo design, color theme technology development, user-interface development.

Forest Creature Entertainment
Forest Creature Entertainment
: Web site design and maintanance, DVD cover design, postcard and poster design.

GreenStar: Terri Compost
GreenStar: Terri Compost - Naturalist: site redesign, layout, photography, training

Noe Valley Music
Noe Valley Music Series: site requirements evaluation, collaborative graphic design, automated event calendar database/script, training (now modified by other designers)

Free Radio Berkeley
Free Radio Berkeley: Web site reorganization, graphic design, HTML page layout , stylesheets, PHP page components. (now modified by other designers)


Razan's Organic Kitchen
Razan's Organic Kitchen: Restaurant and catering service web site design, photography, photo color correction, typography, information design.

ElementsOfTao.com: Carol Reed CMT: graphic design for web and print, audio production, technical support.

Guaria de Osa
Guaria de Osa
: Web site design, print design, online photo and art gallery design, navigation design.

Sound.Photosynthesis: Media catalog FileMaker database to web conversion, Perl scripting, graphic production, page design.

Tom Ross: Mijazi
Tom Ross: Mijazi
: Web site design, CD design, audio production for web.

Evolution Catalog
Evolution Catalog: redesign of site graphics, navigation and typography, jukebox scripting (now modified by other designers)

Urban Wilds
Urban Wilds: Urban gardening book and presentation web site, slide show, print graphics production, illustration, typographic consultation.


Older Projects:

Creativity.com: Site redesign, custom database integration, graphic design, stylesheets, Perl programming.

KidCast for Peace: Site reorganization, graphic design, business development. (Now modified by other designers.)

Mbira.org: Music web site design consultation, structural layout and navigation, site reconstruction, typography.

South Western Auctioneers: Site graphic design.

i-Hosted Solutions Conference: print ad design and prepress

CMP Media: Icon illustration and production (set 1 and set 2)

MailCity: mini-banner illustrations

GE Capital: Web page documentation implementation in HTML, auto-calculate financial form stand-alone application in Java, Javascript, navigation development

Garuda Records: Site construction, page design (now modified by other editors).

The Women’s Philharmonic: Design and production of first web presence (now modified by other editors).

Ensemble Solutions: Full site prototype design (since then modified by other editors)

Laff.net: Full site prototype design, logo design, animated banners, backgrounds (since then modified by other editors).

Edge of the Net: Prototype animated Java banner for web site.

The Digital Be-In 12 site design for 12th technology art event.

Home for the Holidays: Design and production of series of promotion pages

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