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Horse of Stone
Music by Cormack and Ross.

Recording Info

Recorded 1974:
Elliot Mazer's His Master's Wheels
60 Brady San Francisco, Ca
Assisted by Jim Furman and "Gumby" Poor

Graham Nash's Rudy Records
Haight-Asbury San Francisco, Ca

Recorded 1976-77:
Stephen Barncard's Wooden Sound
785 N. Beverly Glen, Bel-Air, Ca.
Assisted by Lesley Foster Barncard

Village Recorders, West LA, CA.

Mixing: A&M Recording Studios: Studio A
Los Angeles, March 19-26, 1996.
Stephen Barncard, Assisted by Krish Sharma

Mastering engineer:
Joe Gastwirt, Ocean View Digital

Produced by Stephen Barncard

Recorded on Scotch Brand Recording Tape 206 at 15 and 30 ips
on Ampex and 3M 16 track master recorders.
Mixed to 1/2" 30 ips two track on Scotch 996 using a Studer 820

Mastered using the


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