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Imaja SoftwareTonecolor is a resource for those interested in the close connections between music and visual arts. Included are artist/musician listings and articles on tools and ideas regarding the audio/visual connection.

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Thursday, April 8, 1999
Omnimicro presents an evening of tricked-out gadgets. Come see The MetaGraph, the VibraTron, and the NESbyt. Techno-junkyard detritus meets mad-scientist aesthetic.
Performing: Rape of Desire,, dAs (bug city urchustru), The Univac Index, Walter Funk, Visuals: ElectroLux28, Peter King
Thursday, April 15, 1999
Omnimicro presents the raVe [rd]Emix! Main ingredient: rave music (some of your favorite flavors). End product: something very different. ABSOLUTELY NO DANCING will be allowed at this event.
Performing: fluorescent grey, Mr. Merides, Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum, Visuals: David Tristam?
Thursday, April 22, 1999
Omnimicro presents an evening of sound design, audio environments, ambience, and drone. Close your eyes and go there.
Performing: Wobbly, Involution, Brain Science, Crustasions, Visuals: Greg Jalbert, Optikal NutraSweet(tm)
Thursday, April 29, 1999
Omnimicro presents Hot Licks: Guitars out of Joint. Prepared, treated, processed, broken, & repaired. All strings must go.
Performing: Vance Galloway, Steev Hise, Jet Black Hair People,Visuals?

The place is: ATW: Artists Theatre Workshop, 1932 Telegraph Ave, between 19th & 20th in downtown Oakland, California. This is a new theatre space that will be featuring films both by local east bay artists and by well-known or obsure directors. Thursday nites are scheduled as performance nites, so the Omnimicro series will be inagurating the first month with a series of performances of all kinds, from dance to theatre to whatever. This last weekend was the opening featuring Friday nite showing short films by CCAC filmmakers and a performance by Wet Gate (a good one indeed), and Saturday nite featured a tribute to the late Stanley Kubrick. ATW is part of a whole group of stores and storefronts, including a beautiful and huge Art Deco Ballroom, that is being organized as a new Downtown Oakland Arts Center.

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