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Version 3.2.1

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Update History

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What’s New in CalReader 3.2.1

What’s New in CalReader 3.2

What’s New in CalReader 3.1.3

What’s New in CalReader 3.1.2

This version fixes a bug for users with iOS 6.x only. Users running iOS 7 or later should skip this update in which the Speak Events action is temporarily removed.

What’s New in CalReader 3.1.1

New features and a bug fix. Thanks for your support. Please spread the word about CalReader! Visit

What’s New in CalReader 3.1

New features and improved functions:

What’s New in CalReader 3.0

Improved iPad interface, new features for ease of use, more fonts, updated for iOS 7 and later.

What’s New in CalReader 2.1.1

What’s New in CalReader 2.1

What's New in CalReader 2.0.2

What's New in CalReader 2.0

Usability Enhancements: CalReader's functions have been reorganized for more efficient access. The Filter settings, Actions, Display, Calculations and Extras sections are neatly accessible without scrolling and searching for functions.

New Features:

What’s New in CalReader 1.1

New Functions:

Enhanced Features:


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