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ProtoFont™ 2 released by Imaja

Albany, California--19 February 2002: Imaja announces the release of ProtoFont 2.0 (TM), font library browsing and spec sheet printing program for Mac OS. ProtoFont is available now for $49.95 from Imaja.

ProtoFont automatically creates specimen sheets of the user's Mac OS font library. Users can easily browse fonts to find the perfect font for a graphic design job. Font databases can be easily created by adding entire folders of fonts, whether or not they are installed in the System Folder.

A powerful toolbar gives easy access to commands for navigating quickly through specimen page layouts, fonts and font sizes.

Any number of fonts may be selected for comparison with your own sample text, making ProtoFont a fast and powerful tool for exploring logotype and headline design possibilities.

Specimen pages may be printed in several formats, including, Multi-font alphabets, Multi-font paragraphs, Multi-Font sample string, Multi-Font, Multi-size paragraphs, Multi-leading paragraphs, Multi-size alphabets, General sample page, Full character sets, Keyboard Map, Key Table, Single Character Inspector, Letterhead sample.

ProtoFont will automatically print the desired specimen page for any selected fonts, which can be easily selected using the Font List, or Font Keywords views or with the search feature. Font names and user supplied keywords may be searched. Keywords may be attached to fonts for catagorization, such as stylistic terms: 'calligraphic' and 'dingbats', or customer job references: 'acme job', 'dinner menu'.

For paragraph displays, you can easily choose a number of different text variations, including body text, and several variation of alphabetic display. An anti-aliasing option lets you see fonts in a smoother, more accurate view.

Views can be saved as PICT files for inclusion in other applications.

ATM/Type 1 or TrueType recommended but not required.

Onscreen, searchable, hypertext documentation is included. ProtoFont is System 6, System 7, OS 8 and OS 9 compatible, and includes Balloon Help.

System Requirements: Power Macintosh or 68K-based Mac OS computer. System 6, System 7, Mac OS 8, Mac OS 9. 2MB RAM. Color monitor optional.

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Note: PDF, EPS or PICT files are available from Imaja for use in reviews, product announcements, and other publications. Contact Imaja for details and permission.

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