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Recent Paintings Exhibited by Imaja

Berkeley, California — 30 January 2003: Imaja announces a new exhibit of recent paintings on the web at Imaja Artwork. This new exhibit of paintings by Greg Jalbert (Imaja), abstracts of complex amorphous organic shapes, suggestive of waterfalls, clouds, rocks and roots. Several drawings feature hard-edged organic forms in contrast to the paintings. Many of these works are being shown for the first time in public.

The intention of many of these paintings is to show a vital natural landscape, unbroken by the dead straight lines of mechanical contructions and geometric conformity. The forms are suggestive of landscapes from a bird's eye view, or complex currents of misty air flowing through an ancient forest. Jalbert's deep interest in nature's complex and subtle ecosystems is a primary influence on the forms and structural relationships in his paintings. Seeing any one painting alone does not compare to seeing both the commonalities and variety in this body of work.

This collection includes conventional physical paintings as well as several digital paintings. Imaja's digital paintings are often hybrids, incorporating scanned drawings and paintings and extending the composition, color and texture through image compositing techniques.

Imaja's history as a software developer has contributed to the complex process of building layers of space and form. The step-by-step algorithms of computer graphics software are an influence on the patterns of movement, both in the forms and the actual rhythms of stroke painting.

The original paintings are available for sale. Digital format images are also available in a variety of sizes for use in print media or on the web. Contact Imaja ( for details about purchases and licensing, framing options, shipping, etc. Gallery inquiries are invited.

Greg Jalbert started as a calligrapher and painter in the mid-1970's, developed music software in the late 1980's, developed the innovative animation programs Bliss Paint and Bliss Saver in the early 1990's and continues to work in both conventional media as well as digital art, web site design, and graphic design.

A Mac OS CD-ROM is in development which will display the painting collection in a slide show format with a soundtrack of music, similar to Imaja's release of Rainwater in 1998. The new release will include Imaja's new software for image slide shows and thumbnail generation.

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Note: PDF, EPS or PICT files are available from Imaja for use in reviews, product announcements, and other publications. Contact Imaja for details and permission.

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Imaja, founded in 1985, publishes a variety of graphic design, music, and educational software for Mac OS, and provides graphic design, web design, database and programming services.

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