TaskInsight — New Productivity App for Mac OS X
Released by Imaja

Berkeley, California, USA — March 22, 2011: Imaja announces TaskInsight, a new productivity and business app for Mac OS X, providing essential task/todo list management functions including priorities, labels, color coding, sorting, drag and drop, copy and paste, undo and redo, import and export, customizable views, text-to-speech, several optional fields and many more features. Customize task lists to suit various projects.

TaskInsight provides standard Mac OS X functions such as searching, drag and drop prioritization, drag and drop text in and out of TaskInsight, and includes extension features such as: copy items as tab-delimited text, paste text lines into tasks, table column customization, and text-to-speech output for selected tasks. Share task lists with other applications through the drag and drop and special copy and paste commands.

Document settings provide display and behavior customizations. TaskInsight documents optionally include date columns for created, modified, due and completed so you can track the sequence of various tasks and states. The Recent Documents panel provides quick access to important task lists.

Extensive keyboard shortcuts and keyboard navigation provide efficient productivity for power users. Thorough support for Undo and Redo, and drag and drop is provided. The Recent Searches menu provides quick access to filtered views for categories and keywords. Mac OS X commands Print to PDF and Mail PDF provide quick ways to deliver TaskInsight documents to iPhones, iPod touch, or other devices.

Imaja's Greg Jalbert, the creator of TaskInsight, enthusiastically relates, “TaskInsight is uniquely valuable for organizing tasks, priorities, labelled categories, sorting, searching and filtering task lists. The views are customizable for flexible usage in different desktop contexts. TaskInsight works great for organizing and tracking progress on a multitude of simple to very complex projects.”

TaskInsight is $9.99 USD, available worldwide exclusively from Apple’s Mac App Store in the Productivity and Business categories.

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later, Mac App Store

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