imajaSpace Garden Meditations
Organic/digital screen saver animations and Bliss Paint plug-ins

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These are sample still images from the Space Garden Meditations animations.

These animations evolve over time through many shapes and colors, a dramatic visual music. Colors mesmerizingly flow through the shapes of the animations in gradually changing sequences ranging from subtle to outrageous combinations.

While a 640x480 pixel still image PICT file of a Bliss Painting may be 250-300K, the animated versions are only 2-6K because the animations are dynamically synthesized by the Bliss Saver or Bliss Paint software.

The animations are also interactive. Using the keyboard, a MIDI instrument, or sound input, the viewer can control the color synthesis in many dynamic ways.

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New version Space Garden Meditations 2.3.2, available now. Click here for the Order Form