imajaSpace Garden Meditations
Organic/digital screen saver animations and Bliss Paint plug-ins

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  • Over 50 animations; more than 5 hours of composed animations
  • Over 25 plug-in modules that can also be used with Bliss Paint.
  • Includes Bliss Saver screen saver engine
  • Interactive triggering of color effects with the keyboard, MIDI or sound
  • Standard screen saver features like: delay time, activate corner, password protection

The collection of new scribbler plug-ins includes Clover, Fern, Fir Tree, Flowering Tree, Leaf, Maple, Palm Tree, Pearl Vortex, Plant, Rose, Seaweed, SilkWeave, Single Smoke, Single Tree, Single Vine, Smoke, Spiral Trees, Spiral Vines, Spiral Weave, Sunburst, Water Lilly, Winter Tree, and Wildflower.

New Distributors include Big Random Rect, Flower Rect, Tapestry Rect, Tree Rect, Disk Ring, Meta Rect, and Circle Cluster.

New version Space Garden Meditations 2.3.2, available now.

Last updated October 25, 2002.