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Asphalt Strawberry: News

No Pepper Spray Trial in San Francisco

In the No Pepper Spray Trial, society must stand with decency. Come witness the Headwaters Forest activist's court case against police use of pepper spray by q-tip on non-violent protesters, a torture tactic that was excessive and unnecessary use of force. April 12-21, 2005, Mon.-Thur., 8:30am-1:30pm, Federal Building, 450 Golden Gate Ave at Polk, San Francisco, CA, (Civic Center BART), Judge Illston, 19th Floor, Room 10, (Photo ID Required) ... Download flyers.

Biotech Forum Discusses Pros and Cons in San Francisco

This account of the Biotech Forum covers the myriad issues in food, medicine, weapons, ethics, safety, economics and accountability brought up by diverse members of the San Francisco community, including householders, students, business, educators, legislators, activists and more. Full Story...

Urban Renewal Status Report

Urban Wilds continues to inspire people to reclaim the commons in the cities for gardening, real food security and organic permaculture.


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Health Warnings

Greenpeace provides public information on potentially hazardous untested Genetically Modified Organisms in food. See the Greenpeace Web site for a day-to-day listing of press releases on their action.

East Bay Critical Mass Bicycle Ride

Berkeley, California - On the second Friday of each month, bicyclists of all ages happen to converge at the Berkeley, California BART station around 5:30pm and flow into the streets. Come and join your East Bay neighbors for a wonderful time. The ride is a gentle one, in merry spirits. San Francisco also has a Critical Mass ride. Did you ever notice how cars stink? Well, here's your chance to show those poor folks trapped in their two-ton rolling prisons that there's a better way to smell the roses; check it out!

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