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Asphalt Strawberry
Asphalt Strawberry > Art

Tilden in May: Lush green meadows, wildflowers, ferns, bay tree groves, mossy oaks, lichen rocks. Photos from Tilden Park in Berkeley, California in May.

Paintings by Greg Jalbert: Plant Gazer ... Forest Floor ... Art Room

Peter Limnios Scrolls, scrawled and cryptic, numbers as rhythms, subtle notation, this is the esoteric knitting of a San Francisco sage.

Serge Vladimiroff Rusts, swirls and geometrics by the filmmaker/musician.

Creatures in the Sun: imaja - greg jalbertLarge collection of recent paintings by imaja - greg jalbert on display at Imaja: Artwork.

Tropical Vision Rich, warm lights and shadows.

tonecolor The synthesis of visual and music arts

A Day in the Park A story of deep visions in the forest and the return to the gruel.

The Spot Book A series of black and white prints from the Dr. Bliss.

Altered Statesman The fantastic light shows of Glenn McKay bring new visions to San Francisco Bay Area. Music illustrated, paintings harmonized

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