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Performers/Composers Tom Ross: Global Jazz Songs
KITKA Women's Vocal Ensemble
Joel Harrison: Jazz Composer, Guitarist, Songwriter, Vocalist
Unity Healing Hands: Music of Viet Nam and West Africa
Music To Celebrate Life: Marimba Pacifica
Belinda Underwood
Linda Tillery and the Cultural Heritage Choir
Tim Perkis
Steve Tibbetts: Guitar
Michael Hedges: Nomad Land: Guitar and Songs
Stephen Kent: didjeridu
Pat Martino: Guitar
Keith Jarrett: Piano
Herbie Hancock: Piano
Chick Corea: Piano
Brian Eno
Frank Zappa
The Black Page!: Frank Zappa
St. Alphonzo's Pancake Homepage: Frank Zappa
Artist General: Michael Masley
Emam and Friends
RhythMix Cultural Works
Terra Nova
Pauline Oliveros Foundation Inc.
Didgeridoings - Peter Spoecker
dub beautiful collective
Lost At Last - Maui's Global Trance Techno Band
Wendy Carlos
Laurie Anderson
Visual Sound Recording
Gong, Gas and Gliss
Techno Light & Sound
Goa Gil - Goa Trance DJ
A John Cage Page: Cage on the internet
Michael Stearns
Sound Traffic Control
Net Jam
Craig Latta
Electronic music.
Nemeton - The Shamen's Web Site - UK techno band
Gyuto Tantric Choir
Gamelan Sekar Jaya
Excellent performing group of the music of Bali, Indonesia.
YAV - composer/writer
David Bowie's "Outside"
Daniel Barrett's Gentle Giant Page
Gentle Giant was one of the most creative and eclectic bands from the 1970's, using very interesting compositional ideas and instrumentation.
Global Communication
Ambient techno music from Europe.
Psyclone Studios - House Page
Sax Life
Ancient Future
Edly's Musical Edventures
New England Swing
Oblivion Demo

Orchestras and Ensembles

The Women's Philharmonic
San Francisco Symphony
Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra
Brooklyn Academy of Music
Oakland Symphony Chorus
Cal Performances
KOCH International Classics October New Releases
Chen Yi
San Francisco Choral Artists
Amberlight Productions
Cabrillo Music Festival
American Music Center
Women Composers Illustrated Discography
San Jose Symphony
San Francisco Ballet
Lou Harrison
San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California Composers
News from the World of Professional Orchestras
Pacific Rim Festival - UC Davis Performance
Compact Discs from Redwood Symphony
Karla Page
Masterworks Chorale of San Mateo
Arts Wire: Online Communications for the Arts
Chicago Sinfonietta
Colorado Symphony Orchestra

World Music

American Gamelan Institute
Unity Healing Hands: music of Viet Nam and West Africa
Harsanari: Indonesian Dance Company
Bali & Beyond
Clarion Music Center
Dub Mission SF: DJ Sep: World Music

Indian Music

South India Fine Arts
Indian Classical Music
Carnatic Beginner's List
Sampurna: South Indian classical music (Carnatic music) and educational activities
David and Chandrakantha Courtney's Homepage-Indian Musicians
Guide to Classical Indian/Jazz Fusion
Indian Classical Music - Todd McComb
Indian Classical Music: N.S.Sundar
Indian Classical Music
Collection of Some Ragas and Compositions
Batish Institute of Indian Music and Fine Arts
Indian Classical Music News
TaalWizard: music software for tabla and other Indian drums
Saralaya Sisters
Bharathi Kalalaya
Kalpalathika :indian art culture,indian dances,indian fine arts,dance schools,kuchipudi artists
Webindia Arts & Music Directory
Indian Classical Music XX
Carnatic Music Primer XX

African Music

CK Ladzekpo African Music And Dance Productions
Dandemutande: Zimbabwean Music
Mbira - music of Zimbabwe
Richard Hodges

Record Labels

ellipsis arts
Smithsonian Folkways and Folkways Records
Magnetic Presence
Includes labels Interra, Subharmonic, Celuloid, and more.
Composers Recordings Inc. - Independent Music
Artifact Recordings
ECM Records
oodiscs (OO Discs)
CyberOctave Music
Higher Octave Music
Silent Records
Six Degrees Records
astralwerks records
Hearts of Space
Bay Records
Garuda Records
Baraka Foundation
7/8 Music Productions
Arbiter Records
influence recordings
WordSound Recordings
Linden Music
Inspired Arts, Inc.
Art, music, and CD-ROM.
Tunes A music store on the web.
Nonesuch Records
The Problem With Music by Steve Albini

Music Listings

MuSIG - Music Special Interest Group
Hyperreal Music Archive
Hyperreal Rave Archives
Techno,House - Party, Partys, Parties
UCSD Department of Music
Harmony Central
Classical Music Resources on the Web
Musical Web Connections

Web Music Your guide to MP3s and more
ArtistOne - Connect with the Artist
Vitaminic The Music Evolution
KCRW 89.9 FM
The Womb
Radio Free SLAM
Beta Lounge - Live Electronic Music and DJs from San Francisco
THE SKINNY - Electric Living 1.02
Gigabeat - Find your song! Hi Quality Free MP3 Music | Epicenter
MusicMatch Jukebox Digital Audio Software: Record, Download, Organize and Play .mp3 and .wma
insound - indiemogaragepunknoiselectronic+essentials - The Internet's Music Hub
Groove Radio


CELL - Collectively Explorative Learning Labs
Sacred Dance Society
Theater Artaud
Ashkenaz: Music & Dance Community Center
La Peña Cultural Center
Cal Performances
UCSC Electronic Music Studio
CNMAT Berkeley
CCRMA Stanford
Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College
IRCAM - France
Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique
School of Music at CalArts
Berklee College of Music
International Alliance for Women in Music
UC San Diego Music Library
American Music Center
ATMI: Assoc. for Technology in Music Instruction
The Jazzschool: Welcome!
Dominic's Band Instruments: Saxophones, Clarinets, Flutes, Trumpets, Flugel Horns, Oboes, Violins, and Repairs

Music Software and Hardware

imaja: Listen ear training software, Bliss Paint music visualization
Computers and Music
Cycling'74 - M and MSP for Macintosh - David Zicarelli
Muledia - Music Software in Japan
Opcode Systems, Inc.
NotationStation: Online interactive music education
BIAS - Audio Software for Mac
Publisher of Deck.
STEIM - Electronic Music Instrument Studio MIDI/video software and hardware.
Steim: BigEye
Headspace Beatnik music plug-in
Koblo - Software Synthesizers
Tontata: MIDIGraphy Sequencer
The I-Cube System - The Ultimate MIDI controller and Sensors
CreamWare Music synthesizers
Steinberg North America
Revamp - Improvisational sequencing
Res Rocket Surfer
Propellerhead Software
RB-833, an amazing simulation of analog synths in software.
The Csound Front Page
Symbolic Composer Page
Symbolic Sound: Capybara sound synthesis
UPL Code and Projects
Includes the Out Of Phase music synthesis system for Macintosh.
Emagic Logic-Users
Mark of the Unicorn
Laurie Spiegel - Music Software
Ars Nova Music Software
MiBAC Music Software
Brent's MIDI Home Page (v. 4.0)
Music Instruction Software 2
Music Instruction Software
MIDI Classics Home Page
Opus Music Notation Software
Max-based MIDI File playback on Macintosh.
Makers of the Koan music software.
RealVision multimedia studio
Microworks - Music Software
Synthcom System's Used Gear Price List
The MIDI Farm
The Internet Music Shop
Musicware, Inc.
Big Noise Music Software
Sam Ash Music On-Line!
MIDILink Musician's Net XXXX
K-v-R : Instruments
Rumpelrausch T ips
Welcome to Computer Music
The SuperCollider Home Page
databaseaudio : latest news


Guitar Encyclopedia: Instruction Books and CDs
Health & Harmony Festival Saturday Night Techno-Tribal Dance
Scottish Independent Music Scene
Edly's Music Theory for Practical People
John Kuzmich - Jazz and Computer Music Clinics
Experimental Musical Instruments
Electronic Music Foundation
Wicked World of Electronic Dance Music
Algorithmic Composition - Jeremy L. Leach
Music Source Record Store
Experimental Musical Instruments
Keyboard Magazine
Musician Online
4 Winds Music
Jazz Improvisation Primer
Co-NECT Exchange Music Page
Rap Lyrics: OHHLA: All Artists Database

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