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David Suzuki Foundation: Solutions Are In Our Nature
Eugene Tsui, Visionary Architect With Nature's Intelligence
Are we in anthropodenial? - Frans de Waal
Our Inner Ape - Frans de Waal
World Overpopulation Awareness
Scitizen - Scitizen is a collaborative news publishing initiative by scientists, for everyone.
Oakland Museum
Instant Anatomy - Learn human anatomy online
Fusion Anomaly
RUT | Radical Urban Theory: Includes articles by Mike Davis.
Ag Bio-Tech InfoNet: Genetic Engineering Applications, Impacts and Implications
Buckminster Fuller Institute
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
NASA's Visible Earth
Principia Cybernetica
MAPS Inc.: Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies
the Lycaeum
The Vaults of Erowid
editorial from integration, no. 1 (1991)
Exploratorium: San Francisco's science and art sandbox treasure house.
Exotic Species of San Francisco Bay
MicroAngela's Electron Microscope Image Gallery
Visual Math Institute
California Academy of Sciences
Tech Museum of Innovation: Educational science and technology exhibits. Lots of fun in San Jose.
Xerox PARC PubWeb Server
The Air Car
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New High-Altitude Wind Power Energy Technologies Show Great Promise

These new wind power generator technologies can generate power cheaper and far, far cleaner than coal, oil, or nuclear power plants. The technology exists, we simply need to deploy it.

Kitegen - An entirely new concept of power plant, suitable to almost any territory, for the production from renewable source of electrical energy cheaper than from fossil fuels (petroleum, coal, gas). The energy source, currently untapped and available anywhere, is the powerful altitude wind of the troposphere, channelled through arrays of large tethered power kites .
Magenn Power Inc. - Wind Power Anywhere
Sky WindPower Corporation - High Altitude Wind Power
Makani Power - Makani Power is seeking to harness high-altitude wind energy to produce energy at an unsubsidized real cost significantly below that of the least expensive coal-fired power plants, the current benchmark of the lowest cost source of power.

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