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Climate Progress
Climate Central - Climate science from climate scientists
Climate Code Red: The Case for Emergency Action
David MacKay: Sustainable Energy - without the hot air: Contents
Skeptical Science - Global Warming and Climate Change skepticism examined
350 | Global Warming. Global Action. Global Future.
The Climate Reality Project
TckTckTck | the Global Campaign for Climate Action
Climate Crisis Coalition
Alliance for Climate Protection
Climate Connections
Global Climate Campaign
United States Global Change Research Program
Inside Climate News
Global Warming Crisis Council
IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - the Forests and the European Union Resource Network
Climate IMC International | Climate Change Independent Media Centre
BBC - Climate Change - Bloom - Home
Climate Science Watch - Promoting integrity in the use of climate science in government
Carbon Tax Center
Carbon Trade Watch
Cap and Dividend
The Crash Course - Chris Martenson - chapters, Crash Course, Economy, Energy, environment, Peak Oil, videos, what should I do
Global Justice Ecology Project: , Hinesburg, VT
Extreme Ice Survey - Connecting communites in Australia
Oil Sands Truth - Oil Sands Truth: Shut down the Tar Sands
Draw the Line at Tar Sands
Global Carbon Project
Fight Global Warming - Environmental Defense Fund
One Hundred Months - Climate Emergency
Global Warming- Science - The New York Times
Pelamis Wave Power
WaveRoller - Harnessing Ocean Energy
Columbia Power Technologies
Humdinger Wind Energy
Noble Environmental Power
First Wind
Beyond Nuclear
Interfaith Declaration on Climate Change
350 Reasons - Why Carbon Trading Won't Work
Forest Protection Portal - Vast Forest Protection News, Information Retrieval Tools and Original Analysis
PolluterWatch - Holding Polluters Accountable
Al Gore Journal
The Daily Climate
Climate Emergency Network
Climate Commission
Permafrost Carbon Network
Climate Change - Wired Science - - GET SANE About The Environment
The Pew Center on Global Climate Change
Make Your Website Green - CO2Stats
Climate Denial Crock of the Week
10:10 - Cutting 10% of emissions in 2010
Mobilization for Climate Justice
Transition Voice - The magazine on peak oil and the Transition movement
EcoSutra - Bridging Industry to Permaculture
Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Leonardo Dicaprio Eco-Site
The Next Industrial Revolution - earthome
The Next Industrial Revolution - Trailer
350 Reasons
Green Options - Helping You Make Good Choices
One Earth
Instrumental Temperature Record.png - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
TransForm | TransForm (formerly TALC, the Transportation and Land Use Coalition)
Camp for Climate Action
We Can Change Chevron
Justice In Nigeria Now
Palm Oil Action
Rettet den Regenwald e.V. - Rainforest Rescue
European Commission - Environment - Nature & Biodiversity - Biodiversity - Policy
Future Scenarios
biofuelwatch UK
Living Climate Change -- Fresh Thinking About Our Future
Stop Driving, The 911 boycott
HumanCar Inc. - Creators of the Imagine PS, DuetGen, HOTTi and E4
Local Harvest / Farmers Markets / Family Farms / CSA / Organic Food
Hongtao Zhou - furniture sustainability, climate and culture
Streetsblog New York City
BusinessGreen - news, comment and analysis for the low carbon economy


David MacKay: Sustainable Energy - without the hot air: Contents
Climate Code Red
Climate Code Red - Scribe Publications
Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet: Mark Lynas: Books
Plan B 4.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization - Lester R. Brown
The Book : EarthTheSequel


Climate Disruption Emergency - Video List 1 - ~200 videos
Climate Disruption Emergency - Video List 2 - ~200 videos
Climate Disruption Emergency - Video List 3
Climate Change - the case for emergency action - Ian Dunlop:
The 11th Hour - Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio - The Official Site - Warner Independent Pictures
11th Hour Action
Climate voices. 6 billion Others [EN, 78min] -- Good Planet
HOME - the film in English on YouTube
HOME official website - the film
Wake Up, Freak Out, and Get a Grip! The Tipping Points
The Age of Stupid - film
Social Dimensions of Climate Change Videos
The Business Case for Protecting the Climate - YouTube
Carbon Dioxide Capture and Sequestration: Hype or Hope? - YouTube
Stanford Experts on Climate Change and Carbon Trading - YouTube
Electricity from Orbit: The case for R & D - YouTube
Kim Stanley Robinson On Google and Climate Change - YouTube
The World Market for Coal: What's going on the C of "RE less than C"? - YouTube
Making a Difference: Individuals Taking Local Action on Global Warming - YouTube
Climate Science Denial
Smoke, Mirrors & Hot Air
How ExxonMobil Uses Big Tobacco’s Tactics to Manufacture Uncertainty on Climate Science
- Union of Concerned Scientists
PBS: Frontline: Heat
PBS: Frontline: Hot Politics
119 One-Liners to Respond to Climate Science Myths

Mitigation and Adaptation

Immediate Emissions Reductions : Ecocities

End Deforestation : Environment Links

Sustainable Living : Ecocities

Localize Food Production : Gardening ... Food

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Articles (by date)

We Only Have Months, Not Years, to Save Civilization from Climate Change - International agreements take too long, we need a swift mobilisation not seen since the second world war - by Lester Brown
African Nations Make a Stand at UN Climate Talks [ includes informative chart of hugh disparities in Carbon dioxide emissions per capita ]
Illusions on the edge of a precipice - David Spratt: The climate crisis is not a negotiable issue and politicians must start paying attention to science.
Lobbying Cash Obscures US Climate Debate - When it comes to the debate in the United States over what to do about climate change, cash may very well have clouded the issue
A Warming World - As warnings grow more dire, Nobelist emerges as leader - The director of Lawrence Berkeley lab is pushing his scientists and industry to develop technologies to reverse climate change
A Reality Check From the Brink of Extinction
Friends of the Earth Attacks Carbon Trading - An FoE report says 'cap and trade' carbon markets have done little to reduce emissions but have been plagued by corruption and inefficiency
Climate Change Could Choke Oceans for 100,000 Years
Scientists Seek Warning Signs for Catastrophic Tipping Points
Western Oceans Quickly Going Acidic, Say Scientists
Saving Fish is Possible, Unless They're Past the Tipping Point
Carbon Detectives Are Tracking Gases in Colorado -
Ocean currents can power the world, say scientists - Telegraph
Burning the Future: Coal in America
IEA Stokes Doubts Over World's Climate Fight |
Reach for the sky: Could flying wind farms help beat global warming? -
CO2 Flow Speeds Up; Poor Countries Now Lead - Dot Earth Blog -
The methane time bomb - Climate Change, Environment - The Independent
Hundreds of methane 'plumes' discovered - Science, News - The Independent
El Niño-Southern Oscillation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bubbling Our Way to the Apocalypse
George Soros on the Clean-Energy Economy - Green Inc. Blog -
Rising Methane Levels Are Cause For Concern |
World needs climate emergency backup plan, says expert
The Prophet of Climate Change: James Lovelock : Rolling Stone
Looking at the Real Cost of Fossil Fuel |
The Great Climate Sell-Out -
Rich must make clearer climate cuts: U.N.
Next California governor key for climate change |
Tea Party Climate Change Deniers Funded by BP and Other Major Polluters |
Saving Civilization is Not a Spectator Sport | EPI
Barack Obama's Green Agenda Crushed at the Ballot Box -
Is climate science disinformation a crime against humanity? | Donald Brown | Environment |
Biofuel Plan Will Cause Rise in Carbon Emissions |
As Glaciers Melt, Science Seeks Data on Rising Sas -
Climate change: science's fresh fight to win over the sceptics -
Climate change threatens wheat crop, farmers fear | Full Page
UC Berkeley study finds dire warnings on global warming may backfire - San Jose Mercury News
Cancún Opens for GREEN Business But REDD Will Destroy Indigenous Forest Cultures |
Geoengineering Is a Recipe for Disaster |
Japan Turns Its Back on Kyoto Protocol |
GOP Moves Quickly to Kill House Climate-Change Panel |
This Isn't Sarah Palin's Alaska |
Scientist warns of quake risk from 'carbon capture'
Land fizzing like soda pop: farmer says CO2 injected underground is leaking - Winnipeg Free Press
Driving Straight Into Catastrophe |
The Choking of China - and the World |
Arctic Defrost Dumping Snow on U.S. and Europe |
Fertilizing oceans seen fruitless in climate fight -
Arctic Waters Warmer Than in 2,000 Years -
Obama seeks new path to environmental goals with clean energy proposal -
RealClimate: Runaway tipping points of no return
Harvard Says Full Cost of U.S. Coal is $500 Billion a Year
Permafrost Melt Soon Irreversible Without Major Fossil Fuel Cuts | Common Dreams
Organized Crime Blamed for Roiling $110 Billion Carbon Market
Climate Change and Agriculture: Biodiverse Ecological Farming Is the Answer, Not Genetic Engineering | Common Dreams
Obama's "Secret" Climate Adaptation Plan - Environment - GOOD
Paulownia - a fast growing tree species
Amazon's drought, seen from space | Environment Forum | Analysis & Opinion |
Post-Carbon World by 2050? If We Had the Will, say Researchers | Common Dreams
Report: Climate Change Worsens Western Water Woes | Common Dreams
Carbon Cuts by Developed Countries Cancelled Out by Imported Goods | Common Dreams
Study Raises Doubts on Capturing Carbon Dioxide From Air -
Climate Change: Neck Deep in the Big Muddy | Common Dreams
Scientists Cite "Pressing" Need to Limit Greenhouse Gases -
Ocean Acidification Is Latest Manifestation of Global Warming | Common Dreams
Worst Ever Carbon Emissions Leave Climate on the Brink | Common Dreams
Canada Tries to Hide Alberta Tar Sands Carbon Emissions | Common Dreams
Three Strikes and You're Hot: Time for Obama to Say No to the Fossil Fuel Wish List | Common Dreams
A Different Gas-Price Lament: It's Not High Enough | Common Dreams
Special report: Scientists race to avoid climate change harvest | Reuters
Are Progressives in Denial About Climate Change? | Common Dreams
Gore: Obama lacks `bold action' on global warming
Carbon Markets Are Not Cooling the Planet | Common Dreams
Global Warming and the Science of Extreme Weather | Common Dreams
Spectacular Storm Photography by Chris Allington | Amusing Planet
Climate Change May Pose Biggest Security Threat | Common Dreams
UN: Only Green Technology Can Avert 'Planetary Catastrophe' | Common Dreams
World off course on climate; renewables vital | Reuters
Jellyfish, With Numbers Increasing From Warming Waters and Pollution, Force Shutdown of Power Plants | Common Dreams
Climate Change Could Kill One in 10 Species by End of the Century | Common Dreams
Climate Regulations a Job Killer? Quit Crying Wolf | Common Dreams
Connecting Extreme Weather Dots across the Map | Common Dreams
The carbon-reduction stimulus package : The Thin Green Line
Economists find flaws in federal estimate of climate damage - The Daily Climate
Koch brothers declare war on offshore wind | Grist
UN Says Climate Change Threatens World Security | Common Dreams
Heat Wave: Time-lapse animation from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration | Common Dreams
Is Climate Change a Global Security Threat? | Common Dreams
Koch And Exxon Pay To Write State Legislation Repealing Climate Change Laws | ThinkProgress
Arctic Scientist Who Exposed Climate Threat to Polar Bear Is Suspended | Common Dreams
Bad news for people who breathe in California : Chron Rx Health Blog
90 Degree River Shuts Tennessee Nuclear Plant for Second Time | CleanTechnica
The Critical Decade: a report from the Commission | Climate Commission
Rick Perry to delight climate sceptics by running for president | Environment |
Welcome to Bizarro World | Common Dreams
Fake Twitter accounts used to promote tar sands pipeline | Environment |
Massive Protest at White House Against Alberta Tar Sands Pipeline | Common Dreams
Climate Scientist Sees No Choice but to Risk Arrest at Keystone XL Protests | SolveClimate News
States ignore climate change at their own (and our) risk -
BBC News - Alien worm invasion 'threat to forests'
Talisman Energy kick-started U of C climate skeptic fund
The Military Assault on Global Climate | Truthout
Coral Reefs 'Will Be Gone by End of the Century' | Common Dreams
Prince Charles warns of 'sixth extinction event' - Telegraph
Losing mangrove forests in El Salvador - Opinion - Al Jazeera English
Bill Clinton: GOP climate change skeptics make America look like "a joke" - Political Hotsheet - CBS News
EU Climate Chief "Shocked" at US Debate | Common Dreams
Island nations warn of climate disaster at UN
NASA Scientist Urges Action on Climate Change - Teaneck, NJ Patch
The American "allergy" to global warming: Why? - Post-Tribune
Good May Be Practical But Is It Good Enough? James Hansen Pitches Fee-and-Dividend Carbon Pricing : TreeHugger
Failure to protect forests will lead to huge financial losses — UN-backed report
Is Your Gmail Account Killing the Planet? | Mother Jones
Rancor Grows Over Planned Oil Pipeline From Canada -
Why Climate-Change Denial Is So Powerful - TIME
Scarce resources, climate biggest threats to world health | Reuters
Climate Change Is Shrinking Species, Research Suggests -
AFP: Climate change poses immediate threat to health: experts
Climate change pushing coffee to extinction? - CBS News
Starbucks concerned world coffee supply is threatened by climate change | Environment |
Rick Perry officials spark revolt after doctoring environment report | Environment | The Guardian
Short Sharp Science: Texas officials censored climate change report
The Associated Press: Perry slashed environmental enforcement in Texas
UN official stresses climate change adaptation measures in Africa
US military says clean energy, dealing with climate change is a matter of national security
Alternative energy won't make our future look all that different. - Slate Magazine
BBC News - Climate change 'grave threat' to security and health
Paul Dacre's climate coverage undermines his case for self-regulation of the press | Bob Ward | Environment |
Facilitating consensus at COP17 - Daily News | Opinion |
UT professor debunks 8 climate change "myths" | San Marcos Mercury | Local News from San Marcos, Texas
Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation Merge | Regional | Solomon Islands News
Camel cull could limit climate change
Maldives in Peril: Richard Branson on impacting climate change |
Sea levels will continue to rise for 500 years
Kelly Rigg: Climate Change and Food Security: Out of the Mouths of Babes
Global Warming Study Finds No Grounds for Climate Skeptics' Concerns | Common Dreams
Humans 'locked in' to warmer world, but can still avoid dangerous climate change: Environment Canada
The War Against Climate Science Unravels | Common Dreams
Pipeline bad for environment, against national interest - Opinion - The Daily Athenaeum - West Virginia University
Greenpeace protests South Africa coal plant; 9 arrests -
Australian Senate OKs carbon tax on big polluters -
Arctic Sea Ice Shrinking at 'Unprecedented' Levels | Common Dreams
Climate Change Boosts a Lethal Disease: Hendra Virus | ThinkProgress
ZCommunications | The Coming Green Wave: Ocean Farming to Fight Climate Change by Brendan Smith | ZNet Article
Bankrolling Climate Change: New Study Ranks Top 20 Climate Killer Banks | Common Dreams
Arctic Has Taken A Turn For The Warmer - Science News
Riot Police Block Most Affected by Climate Change from Entering Climate Conference | Common Dreams
Durban climate change hosts suggest Canada "bullying" poorer countries to support anti-Kyoto stance
Obama Could Save the Durban Climate Talks with a Single Call | Common Dreams
Stepping up on climate change at Durban -
Climate change; greatest threat of modern times
Elliott Negin: Washington Post Misses Link Between Sea-Level Rise and Climate Change
Rich states 'not acting fast enough' | Bangladesh |
2010 Carbon Dioxide Output Shows Biggest Jump Ever -
BBC News - Climate research bolsters 'action' call to UN talks
UK Secretly Helping Canada Push its Tar Sands Project and Escape Dirty Fuel Designation in Europe | Environment | AlterNet
World 'Heading for 3.5 C Warming': Study | Common Dreams
Father of climate change: 2C limit is not enough - Climate Change - Environment - The Independent
India emerges as chief opponent of a new global-warming treaty - The Independent
Toll from Weather Disasters in US This Year Hits $52 Billion | Common Dreams
US College Student Shames US Climate Delegation in Durban | Common Dreams
U.S. Obstructionism Is Hurting Climate Talks | Common Dreams
Father of Climate Change: 2C Limit is Not Enough | Common Dreams
The Wall Street-climate change connection -
Bankrolling Climate Change - Studie Urgewald
An Illustrated Guide to the Science of Global Warming Impacts: How We Know Inaction Is the Gravest Threat Humanity Faces | ThinkProgress
Canada First Nation to Pull Out of Kyoto Protocol | Common Dreams
Shock as retreat of Arctic sea ice releases deadly greenhouse gas - Climate Change - Environment - The Independent
On the Climate High End, Methane Time Bombs and the Lure of the New -
Climate Apartheid | Common Dreams
After Durban: Climate Activists Target Corporate Power | Common Dreams
After Durban: We Must Pull the Emergency Brake Before the 1 Per Cent Drive Us Off the Cliff | Common Dreams
Jerry Brown blasts GOP on climate change
Climate Change May Modify Half Earth's Plants | Common Dreams
REGION: State should brace for greater disasters, rising costs from climate change, experts say
Jeff Sachs, Video of lecture, Future of Energy, Center for the Environment
Even Canada doesn't believe its own spin on tar sands | Damian Carrington | Environment |
Climate Scientists Hampered in Study of 2011 Extremes -
Extreme Year, Few Measures |
Climate meet: Why Durban was a disaster - Business
Floods, heat, migration: How extreme weather will transform cities -
Paul Loeb: If You Care About Keystone and Climate Change, Occupy Exxon
Bark beetles, climate change and our future
Tree Planting - Ladakhis Created Guinness World Record
Buddhists Draw Attention Towards Environment -
119 One-Liners to Respond to Climate Science Myths
Carbon Time Bomb in the Arctic: New York Times Print Edition Gets the Story Right | ThinkProgress
Why Do Americans Continue to Deny Climate Change? - YouTube
As More Eat Meat, a Bid to Cut Emissions -
Too Late? Why Scientists Say We Should Expect the Worst |
G-8 Failure Reflects US Failure on Climate Change |
Climate Change - Our Real Bequest to Future Generations | Common Dreams
The Arctic Will Burn by Zoe Cormier | ZCommunications - ZNet
As Siberian permafrost melts, methane seeps out - Video on
Comment: Obama's Climate Betrayal : The New Yorker
Top climate change stories of 2011 - Capital Weather Gang - The Washington Post
Climate Change, Migration, and Conflict
The climate change message is not being heard. Here's how to change tack | Sunny Hundal |
Scientists back 'significant broadening' of climate research -
Ex-UN climate chief says business should get ready for low-carbon world | The Guardian
Study: Climate change could lead to massive and unprecedented extinctions | The State Column
Durban's Climate Debacle | Common Dreams
Climate change and bark beetles equal billions of dead trees - San Jose Mercury News
Hansen et al: "Extreme Heat Waves ... in Texas and Oklahoma in 2011 and Moscow in 2010 Were 'Caused' by Global Warming" | ThinkProgress
A Shortcut to Restraining Climate Change? | The Energy Collective
Western nations cannot escape blame for climate change - Letters -
Goodbye, Fish: Rising CO2 Direct Threat to Sea Life | Common Dreams
Agitators in the Oilsands Debates are Working for Oil Companies | Common Dreams
Research teams say shale gas drilling contributes to climate change - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Methane and the greenhouse-gas footprint of natural gas from shale formations - Howarth, Santoro, Ingraffea
Climatic warming-induced change in timings of 24 seasonal divisions in China since 1960
The verdict is in on climate change -
Dirty Biofuels: Leaked Data Shows Some Worse Than Fossil Fuels | Common Dreams
Planners want to direct Bay Area residents to live in existing communities to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions - San Jose Mercury News
Climate Change in Arctic could Trigger Domino Effect Around the World - International Business Times
Extreme heat hurts wheat yields as world warms-study | Reuters
World's 1st wall-to-wall map for carbon estimation
Complications of Hacking the Planet -
Wall Street Journal rapped over climate change stance | Environment | The Guardian
Lack of collective will on climate change: Manmohan Singh - The Economic Times
Wall Street Journal Slammed for Giving Platform to Climate Change Deniers | Common Dreams
Complications of Hacking the Planet -
The Millions Funding Geoengineering | Common Dreams
Is 'Prescription for Disaster' Our 'Most Optimistic' Climate Future? | Common Dreams
Bill Gates backs climate scientists lobbying for large-scale geoengineering | Environment | The Guardian
Skeptic - eSkeptic - Wednesday, February 8th, 2012
Stark warning emerges from science summit | MNN - Mother Nature Network
There Will Be Fire: The 'Carbon Bomb' 'Waiting to Be Ignited' | Common Dreams
Insuring a Climate-Ready Future | Common Dreams
Region to pay hefty price of climate change / Top Story / Current Edition / Costa Rica Newspaper, The Tico Times
'Unprecedented Rapidity of CO2' Causing Worst Ocean Acidification in 300 Million Years | Common Dreams
Lovins: End of Fossil Fuel Era an 'Exciting Time' | Common Dreams
Spain Wilts in Driest Winter for 70 Years | Common Dreams
David Suzuki: Groups muddying the waters of global warming science - The Sudbury Star - Ontario, CA
Latin American Herald Tribune - Drought Reduces Mexico's Agricultural Production by 40%
Climate risks of bioenergy underestimated
Throwing Out the Free Market Playbook: An Interview with Naomi Klein | Solutions
Why Climate Change is a Matter of National Security
Climate change devastating Great Lakes ice: Study | The State Column
Ken Cuccinelli's climate-change witch hunt - The Washington Post
Loss of Greenland ice could become irreversible, scientists say -
All red meat is bad for you, new study says -
Increasing demand and climate change threaten global water supplies - UN report
Feds discreet about foreign funding of climate skeptics
ADB warns climate change could spawn mass migrations - The Washington Post
If Climate Change Melts Greenland's Ice Sheet, Will South Florida Drown? - Broward/Palm Beach News - The Daily Pulp
Climate change authority responds to WWF's 'largest carbon footprint' charge - TODAYonline | Singapore
Surge of Climate Change-Caused Mass Migrations to Hit Asia-Pacific | Common Dreams
Report: Global Warming Could Double US Flooding | Common Dreams
Shell says was sued for causing climate change | Reuters
Shell confirms it has faced legal action over climate change - 15 Mar 2012 - News from BusinessGreen
Greenhouse Gas Will Soar by 50% if Policy Does Not Change Immediately: Report | Common Dreams
Scientists Call For Stronger Global Governance To Address Climate Change - Forbes
Unprecedented, "Eye-Popping" Temperatures Soar, Highs Continue | Common Dreams
Obama Set to Speed Up Approval of Tar Sands Pipeline | Common Dreams
News at 11: How Climate Change Affects You |
Errant Climate May Be Sign of Breakdown, Scientists Say |
Climate Change Debate Rises with Pakistan Floods |
City working to make car-sharing more popular
Old-Style Coal Plants Expanding |
Pine beetles' march across B.C. is a catastrophe in slow motion
Climate Currency |
The Lomborg Deception: About Yesterday's Front-Page Story in the Guardian |
Arctic Ice in Death Spiral |
Solar Ibex Cooker Is High Tech Version of Low Tech Stove : TreeHugger
Skill Up, Party Down: Transition Towns in a Changing World |
$5,000,000,000,000: The Cost Each Year of Vanishing Rainforest |
Talk Climate Reader - Climate Action Centre
'Don't Worry, Be Happy': Canada Sees Climate Change Prosperity Instead of Calamity |
Merchants of Doubt - by Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway - Bloomsbury Press
World Bank Pressured over Record Fossil Fuels Lending | The Video the Meat Industry Doesn't Want You to See
Climatic Research Unit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
afrol News - "Fertilizer tree" triples Malawi, Zambia yields
Greens cheer Ramesh's call to restrict big diesel cars - The Economic Times
Scientists look to redwoods for answers on warming
A Billion People Will Lose Their Homes Due to Climate Change, says Report |
Voices from the Frontline of Global Warming |
Biogas solution in India
Rising concern on climate change - The Washington Post
USGS Warns Climate Change Will Bring Higher Temps, Storms, Fires - San Mateo, CA Patch
BBC News - Temperatures could rise by 3C by 2050, models suggest
Climate change likely to mean coastal change - Standard Speaker
Extreme weather events increased over past decade, study says | Environment |
On the Brink: Planet Near Irreversible Point of Global Warming | Common Dreams
Global warming close to becoming irreversible-scientists | Reuters
Government proposes first carbon limits on power plants | Reuters
An Apology to the Next Generation for the Turmoil to Come | The Nation
Global Warming Denialism 'Just Foolishness,' Scientist Peter Raven Says - ABC News
America's Position on Climate 'A Tragedy,' Losing U.S. Prestige to China - ABC News
Some Red States Are Already Running Out Of Water | Environment | AlterNet
Geo-engineering 'a risk' in climate change battle
Impacts from shrinking cryosphere are widespread - Summit County Citizens Voice
Changing climate alters the Southeast | Jay Bookman
The Earth Is Full: Economic and Energy 'Transformation' Needed to Save Planet | Common Dreams
Climate Issues Similar To Moral Issue Of Slavery, Says Physicist James Hansen... Let Me Explain A Difference - Forbes
Climate change threatens all of civilization - National Voices -
Record Warm March Temperatures Continue Record-Breaking Periods | Common Dreams
Climate change won't boost plant performance | TG Daily
US in Flames: Global Warming, 'Perfect Recipe for Fire' | Common Dreams
Study: Historic Rise to Sea Levels in Pacific Ocean Linked to Climate Change | Common Dreams
Fungal Threats to Biodiversity, Food Supply at 'Unprecedented' Levels | Common Dreams
Study Suggests Drastic Changes Needed to Curb Most Potent Greenhouse Gas -- Environmental Protection
Bill Bigelow: Changing the Climate in School
Did Climate Change Activism Lead to Coup of Island President? | Common Dreams
The Human Cancer Risks Posed by Extreme Fossil Fuel Extraction | Fracking | AlterNet
Arctic Methane in Vicious Cycle of Global Warming: Study | Common Dreams
Activists urge Discovery Channel to acknowledge climate change science -
Methane Gas Leak in Arctic Throws Scientists a Climate Change Curveball - US News and World Report
Will Climate Change Increase Hurricane Damage Costs?
Radicals and Reformers: Part 1: Climate Change by Robin Hahnel | ZNet Article
Stanford researchers question whether biofuel is the answer to U.S. energy independence - Environment - Science & Tech - Peninsula Press
Report: 'Leading' Companies Mislead Public on Climate Change Policies | Common Dreams
How a Bunch of Corporate-Backed Buffoons Took Over U.S. Climate Policy | | AlterNet
Climate change leaves West susceptible to wildfire; Colorado snowpack at 2 percent | Real Aspen | Roaring Fork Valley News, Guides, and Information
Ministers of major economies urged to speed developing clean energy - People's Daily Online
President Hu stresses tree-planting for greener growth - People's Daily Online
Snowless ski race helps connect dots between climate change, real problems | The Colorado Independent
How will farmers confront climate change? - The Drum Opinion (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
The Wisconsin Blues and a Failed of Progressive Narrative | Common Dreams
Climate strategy up in smoke
Earth summit: Rio report card : Nature News & Comment
WWF: biggest villain at Rio+20 is Canada
Climate Change to Increase Hunger 20% by 2020 |
2.8 million years of climate data lurking in Russian lake | Ars Technica
In Rising Use of Air-Conditioning, Hard Choices -
Meanwhile, in Tuvalu... Low-lying island nations, climate change, and what “sustainability” is really about
Rio+20 politicians deliver 'new definition of hypocrisy' claim NGOs | Global development |
Western skies thick with smoke, political rhetoric, evidence of climate change | The Colorado Independent
Studies: Rising Oceans to Wreak Havoc this Century | Common Dreams
Goodbye to Mountain Forests? -
Economic climate has not affected views on global warming – poll | Environment | The Guardian
Arctic Sea Ice at Lowest June Level Ever | Common Dreams
North, South Korea face record-setting drought - SFGate
The Hindu : Cities / Tiruchirapalli : Plan to reduce carbon emissions on the anvil
Sea Level Rise Unstoppable, say Scientists | Common Dreams
Report: Global Beef Demand Leading to Deforestation, Global Warming | Common Dreams
As Drought Hits Key Crops, Fears of Food Crisis Loom | Common Dreams
Opinion: Helping Exxon get serious about climate change — The Daily Climate
What Good is a Higgs Boson When the Planet is Burning? | Common Dreams
Renewable Energy, Not Carbon Capture and Storage | Common Dreams
New Dust Bowl? | Common Dreams
Climate change envoy warns against cutting investment in green energy | Environment |
The world map of CO2 emissions | Environment |
U.S. Corn Growers Farming in Hell as Midwest Heat Spreads - Businessweek
The Silence on Global Warming | Common Dreams
Sen. Kerry condemns climate disinformation campaign, challenges Washington’s “conspiracy of silence” | Climate Science Watch
John Kerry - United States Senator for Massachusetts : Press Room
Michael Mann-Bill Blakemore ABC News interview on climate change and the global warming disinformation campaign | Climate Science Watch
As the West Burns: Speaking Truth to Fire | Common Dreams
The politics of global warming - Video on
Rate of Climate Change's 'Evil Twin' Has Scientists Worried | Common Dreams
Report: Extreme Weather Tied to Man-Made Climate Change | Common Dreams
BBC News - Japan floods: Relief teams work as residents return
Controversial Spewed Iron Experiment Succeeds as Carbon Sink: Scientific American
20 Deadliest Effects of Global Warming
Massive Iceberg 'Twice the Size of Manhattan' Breaks Off Greenland | Common Dreams
Heaviest Rain in 60 Years, Tens of Thousands Flee Beijing | Common Dreams
It's Time for Parents to Help Tackle Climate Change | AlterNet
Climate change: The dice are loaded for large-scale damage | Opinion | The Seattle Times
ZCommunications | Global Warming's Terrifying New Math by Bill McKibben | ZNet Article
Cut air pollution, buy time to slow climate change: U.S. -
William deBuys, The West in Flames | TomDispatch
BBC News - EU should commit to tougher emissions target, say MPs
Climate Emergency Action Plan | Common Dreams
How Global Warming Is Impacting Stock Prices | TriplePundit Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit
India spending over 2.6% to tackle climate change: FinMin
US corn-belt farmers: 'The country has turned on us' | Environment | The Guardian
What we know about climate change and drought
Global Warming's Terrifying New Math | Politics News | Rolling Stone
Twenty Times More Likely (Not): The Science | Climate Abyss | a blog
EU moves to shore up price of carbon emissions | Environment |
Loading the Climate Dice - Paul Krugman -
Deny This: Contested Himalayan Glaciers Really Are Melting, and Doing So at a Rapid Pace–Kind of Like Climate Change | Observations, Scientific American Blog Network
Research closes gap between warming and Co2 rise
Why climate change doesn’t spark moral outrage, and how it could | Grist
Will Drought Cause the Next Blackout? -
Researchers find link between climate change, ozone loss and possible increase in skin cancer incidence
Drought in US Intensifying to 'Historic Proportions' | Common Dreams
Following the isotopes leads scientists to useful climate change data - The Prairie Star: Regional: rebecca phillips, ars plant physiologist, northern great plains research laboratory south of mandan, n.d., measuring trace gases,
Sound Wisdom: Public, lawmakers gather to combat climate change | Darien Times
Inland thinning of West Antarctic Ice Sheet steered along subglacial rifts : Nature : Nature Publishing Group
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