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Climate Ark: Climate Change and Global Warming Portal
EcoEarth.Info: Empowering the Environmental Sustainability Movement
People and Planet: population and environmental issues
Rocky Mountain Institute
Los Angeles: A History of the Future
Biodiversity and Conservation: A Hypertext Book
Waste Reduction and Recycling Information
Planet Drum: Bioregional Sustainability, Education and Culture
Earthship Biotecture
Culture Change

Environmental Organizations

Convention on Biological Diversity
Center for Biological Diversity
International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity (IIFB)
Animal Defenders International
Primates Inc. - Support Primate Retirement
Tropical Rainforest Conservation -
Black Mesa Trust
Sunshine Project Research and facts about biological weapons and biotechnology.
Beehive Collective
Worldwatch Institute
EDF - Environmental Defense Fund
Population Connection
Greenpeace International
Greenpeace - USA
Natural Resources Defense Council
The Nature Conservancy
Sierra Club
Ecology Center | Berkeley, California
International Society for Ecology and Culture
Earth Island Institute
Green Parties of North America
League of Conservation Voters
Earth First! Journal
Earth First! Newswire
Global Exchange
The Humane Society of the United States
Action Resource Center - for earth, forests, human rights, social justice
Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC): Headwaters Forest Updates, and Action Alerts about how caring citizens can help protect the endangered biodiversity of the costal temperate rainforest.
Environmental News Network: Newswire and other sources, and legislation.
E / The Environmental Magazine
nature home
Solstice: Sustainable Energy and Development Online
US Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Home Page
U.S. Department of the Interior
USDA Forest Service
National Parks and Conservation Association
Union of Concerned Scientists
World Resources Institute (WRI)
Corporate Watch
AirKeepers Campaign - Georgia
Clean Air Network
Recycling Council of Ontario
Environmental Working Group | Washington, DC
National Geographic Online
The Preservation Institute: PreserveNet
Natural Heritage Network
Resource Renewal Institute
The EnviroWeb-- A Project of the EnviroLink Network
Planning & Conservation League
Friends of X'cacel
Redefining Progress
International Society for Ecological Economics
Wild Salmon News
Oxygen Collective
Faultline, California's Environmental Magazine
Environmental Working Group | Washington, DC
Basel Action Network
Consumer Federation of America
CETOS: The Center for Ethics and Toxics
Millennium Institute

Forests - Provides Vast Forest Protection News, Information Retrieval Tools and Original Analysis - News archive
World Intact Forest Landscapes: Greenpeace
Rainforest Action Network
Amazon Watch
Diversitas International : biodiversity science
Earth Rights
Save Oaks: Protect the Oak Grove at Memorial Stadium, Berkeley, California
We Save Trees
Forests Forever
Dharma Cloud Foundation Redwood forest information
Amazon Conservation Team

Oceans, Rivers, Wetlands

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Bay Keeper: Defending Waters from High Sierra to the Golden Gate, California
Russian River - Mendocino District Parks List

Climate Change/Global Warming

Global Warming - Climate Change - Climate Disruption - A global emergency - Links
Climate Progress
Climate Central - Climate science from climate scientists
Climate Code Red: The Case for Emergency Action
David MacKay: Sustainable Energy - without the hot air: Contents
Skeptical Science - Global Warming and Climate Change skepticism examined
NOVA Online | Warnings from the Ice
National Climatic Data Center - World's Largest Archive of Climate Data
Global Warming Frequently Asked Questions - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - National Climatic Data Center
North America Historical Weather Maps - Department of Atmospheric Sciences - University of Washington


Deepwater Horizon: Gulf of Mexico Offshore Oil Drilling Crisis : Working for a world free of nuclear power and nuclear weapons
Union of Concerned Scientists: Nuclear Power : Documentary film : Everything you always wanted to know about nuclear power, but were afraid to ask. : Nuclear Information and Resource Service : We work to stop construction of new atomic reactors, and to close those now in operation. We seek a truly green-powered Earth, run entirely on renewables and efficiency.
The True Battle of #Chernobyl (Uncensored) 1.5 hour documentary film
Plastics Plague - Culture Change
Clean Air Watch
Noise Pollution Clearinghouse
Burning Issues - Wood Smoke Health Problems
Renewable Energy Programs - California Energy Commission
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry - ATSDR
Spare The Air
Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition:


Makani Power - high-altitude wind energy
Kitegen - high-altitude wind energy
Magenn Power - Wind Power Anywhere
Sky WindPower Corporation Requiem: Human population crash: the coming collapse of the oil industry.
Vote Solar
Solstice: Sustainable Energy
Renewable Energy Ed. Module
Save a Barrel

Transportation: Electric Vehicles, Bicycles, Cars, Automobiles, Sail

Cities for People: The Car-Free City
Auto-Free New York!
The Car-Free City USA
Los Angeles: A History of the Future
Green Car Congress
Bicycle Forest: Innovative Bike Technology and Ideas
The Air Car
CarShare - Boulder
The Roadhog Info Trough
Cars Cost the Earth
ZAP Electric Cars: Zero Air Pollution electric cars, bikes and more
Omni Instruments EROS - Evolutionary systems for Education and Transportation
Twike - Electric Vehicle
Electric Car: Chevrolet Volt
CrazyGuyOnABike: Bicycle Touring Journals, Articles, Message Boards, Links
Road Kill: 50 Reasons Why Cars Suck
San Francisco Bay Area Bicycle News
Cars Suck! -- Dedicated to the overthrow of car tyranny
Transportation Crisis

Food Issues

Food - Imaja Links
Organic Consumers Association
True Food Network
NorthEast R Against Genetic Engineering
High Plains News

Seeds of Change - Organic Garden Seeds
Grow Biointensive
Community Alliance With Family Farmers
National Gardening Association
Back to the Garden!
Northeast Organic Farming Association: NOFA
City Farmer's Urban Agriculture Notes
Berkeley Community Gardening Collective
Plants For A Future
The Dirt Gardener's Gardening Journal
Organic Gardening by Samantha
Sow Organic Seeds
Gardening List WWW
UCSB Greenhouse and Garden Project
Old Mill Farm: School of Country Living
InterActivist Network
Alternative Farming Systems Information Center
NCAT - National Center for Appropriate Technology
ATTRA - Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas
National Agricultural Library
Unity Garden Collective
Databits Links

Shelter, Buildings, Urban Planning

Ecocity Builders
California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture
Pacific Yurts
Yurt Works
Green Home


Green Planet Films: Buy or Rent Nature and Environmental DVDs
Wild Sanctuary, Inc.
RUT | Radical Urban Theory: Includes articles by Mike Davis.
Bioneers - Visionary and Practical Solutions for Restoring the Earth
World Forum for Acoustic Ecology
Environmental Essays by MJ
Church of Euthanasia
PCW 100: Recycled Paper
ECOMALL eco products
Insect photo gallery
Welcome to H3Environmental
Kinship Circle
ACCRC - Computer Recyclers
Newsgroup: talk.environment
Newsgroup: sci.environment

New High-Altitude Wind Power Energy Technologies Show Great Promise

These new wind power generator technologies can generate power cheaper and far, far cleaner than coal, oil, or nuclear power plants. The technology exists, we simply need to deploy it.

Kitegen - An entirely new concept of power plant, suitable to almost any territory, for the production from renewable source of electrical energy cheaper than from fossil fuels (petroleum, coal, gas). The energy source, currently untapped and available anywhere, is the powerful altitude wind of the troposphere, channelled through arrays of large tethered power kites .
Magenn Power Inc. - Wind Power Anywhere
Sky WindPower Corporation - High Altitude Wind Power
Makani Power - Makani Power is seeking to harness high-altitude wind energy to produce energy at an unsubsidized real cost significantly below that of the least expensive coal-fired power plants, the current benchmark of the lowest cost source of power.

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