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Asphalt Strawberry

Critical Path Today:
Spontaneous Responsibility for Sustainable Equilibrium


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Critical Path Today: Spontaneous Responsibility for Sustainable Equilibrium

Biotech Forum Report

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Ban Automobile Advertising

Reborn Carless

Family Gathering: 120,000 March in San Francisco

Kerry Richardson

What is the critical path today that we must take to hold onto our dream of what the world is going to be? R. Buckminster Fuller's book, Critical Path, covers a few things not generally known to the everyday person with a basic awareness. In addition to the physical inventions of his, such as the geodesic dome, he also invented a new way of looking at systems, where the systems are seen to be part of a larger matrix. Perhaps this matrix is a kind of dome where the nodes have shared importance to the integrity of the entire form. The essense is that the sustainability of the entire system, in it's strong equilibrium and the perfect balancing of all nodes, this sustainability is the ideal priority.

His concepts and historical accounts of the development of money are sure to hold your attention, as these seem to be the basic secrets of the corrupt powers that hold most people under their thumb, wasting the earth's resources for the economic and military torture of most of the earth's inhabitants.

How do we get out of this perilous situation, about to collapse at the end of the tunnel of lies? Perhaps by spontaneously developing a uniform responsibility for our role in the equilibrium of the system as a whole.

Why are there usually three empty seats in an moving automobile? What is the function of this sort of transportation design? What are the ultimate implications of this level of energy and materials waste?

Permaculture design will play a huge role in the rapid transformation of our world as the fossil fuel dwindles and people realize the urgency of local and global food security. A rapid infusion of farming knowledge will have to spread throughout our world to replace the collapse of the fossil fuel operated industrial farming. Water conservation will be the next critical solution for implementers of sustainable infrastructure. What is the form and material of our pyramid culture and how will it define our next phase given the coming energy resource transformations?

It appears that all organizations can be corrupted, and that the larger the organization, then the larger the damage caused by it's corruption. It's hard to trust any of the large organizations anymore, whether they are governments, corporations, gangs, media channels, nations, religions, because the subtlety and secrecy of their corruptions have all too often proven to have devastating effects in the end.

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