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Election Corruption and Media Distortion


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Election Corruption and Media Distortion

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Biotech Forum Report

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Ban Automobile Advertising

Reborn Carless

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Kerry Richardson

The corruption of elections is invisible to most people because of the nature of vote counting technology and manipulation, and the focus of government and corporate-controlled media. Large masses of people with little diversity in news and information sources are led to believe in a certain proportional structure of values on which to base their votes. Instead of developing a rich holistic view, they are conned into reducing the reasons for judgement to a slogan or two. The unfortunate reality is that a slogan does not harvest the crops that put food on our table. A slogan does not design and create our Internet web, radio and television infrastructure. A slogan does not do the work of international diplomacy and cooperation. A slogan does not administer justice for the oppressed and victims of crimes. So how safe is it to vote based on the propaganda campaigns of corporate-sponsored profit-motivated elitists? Did we really intend to sign up to be exploited and enslaved to deadening consumeristic lifestyles? The intent of reductionism in political campaigns serves only to delude people into blind faith, rather than enhancing broader perspectives and the wisdom in decisions. Corporate-controlled media serves a few profiteers rather than justice and quality of life for all.

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