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One-to-Many Structures: Music, Social


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One-to-Many Structures: Music, Social

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Biotech Forum Report

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Reborn Carless

Family Gathering: 120,000 March in San Francisco

Kerry Richardson

Polyrhythmic singing, a one-to-many indoctrination, or dynamic ecology of harmonies?

This article describes a music gathering in a church on a late November evening in Oakland, California, and the simultaneous thoughts on music and social structures.

why 2? 010100110110

soft, full, vowels, alternating, 2-part, diaphonic, heavy bottom, lighter top, no strong consonants, fire in heart, burning, forever, heaven, mountains, climbing, sail seven seas, walk through this fire, swim across the ocean, heroism, survival, who is "you"?

Novice minds are usually dependent on more knowledgeable and wise minds that help them. We benefit from what our ancestors have experienced. Some of us know what foods are safe to eat, how to grow and process them, year after year, from seed to fruit. We know how design and build shelter. Some of us develop supplies and distribution for water, food, heat, books, televisions, radios, transportation, movies, engineering and construction. Some of us simply benefit from these inventions.

Some organizations, such as religions, corporations, governments, and other organizations, depend on simplifications of their knowledge-base to introduce people to their activities, products and services. But the simplifications are sometimes designed to hide the complexities and actual motives of the system behind the organization. Not all people will take the time to learn to design and build a bridge across a river, but many will benefit from it's use, even if they do not use it themselves. The problem with too few designers in a system is that the benefits of better designs may never be realized by the few overworked designers. More minds must be involved in design, using intelligence, spontaneous creativity and measured evaluations. Do not limit the tools for design.

Redesign the world to eliminate the injustice, war, pain, disease, pollution, greed, exploitation, slavery, ugliness, evil.

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brick wall. tricks. word play. persuasion. covert manipulation. predefined. one-line. oral tradition. no improvisation.

time/order obsession. no chaos. no surprises. rent/donation structure. think ahead; plant vegetables. pitch -> sex. _join_ us. recruitment. circle: in or out. Rome not built in a day. So don't even try it. Urban decay. Can't think independently while singing.

Perhaps Rome is a state of mind, structured as it was in history. Was it a hierarchical pyramid? An ecosystem? Core values? Single teacher structure. "Other side". Carry me over. Deep and wide, Northern river, one language. Unity/conformity-seeking. High school defined me as a non-conformist. To prevent something? Or to encourage? 4 chords, 8 chords, 2 parts, 4 parts. No continuous streams of newness. Slow measured changes. Patterned roles. Singing at bedsides of the dying. God dance day you born bump Gabriel horn funky chicken I saw step kick saw God as person. shake jellyroll. long ago dance save her soul. Dad participated in his own way. A band leader. Many leaf nodes. Like Zimbabwe Shona music structures, interlocking melodies over repeating cycles of 'chords'. Come, come, the night on, time of growing, changing. Binary division of activities, rather than rainbow continuous variation. Rounds, cycles, squaring. Ten' to, Ten' to your own business. Rose, holly, pruned and shaped evergreen shrubs, benches on worn earth.

Efficiency and Gravity Energy Invention:

Devise a energy storage system that efficiently controls gravitational energy gathering opportunities and storage, and a motor that works well with the energy storage system.

Notice the effects of weaving a bicycle in waves from left to right in the effort to make it 'easy' to pedal up various grades. The weaving is not fixed but continuously adapts to the changing level of difficulty. What if pedaling was simply lifting the legs and not pushing down hard? Can the gravitational weight of the legs or other parts of the the rider's body become the main driving force? What energy is generated or stored by the muscle power and the falling weight of the body and vehicle? How do flywheels work in the world of bicycles? Too heavy?

Create a computer-controlled gyroscope-motor-generator for transportation that is extremely attentive to frequent and subtle changes in centripetal, inertial and gravitational forces, usage and overcoming. An ultra-light vehicle will be more efficient, a graceful use of energy, like a bird, flapping when necessary, soaring the rest of the time.

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