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Asphalt Strawberry

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Biotech Forum Report

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Kerry Richardson

Hustling and bustling about, your hours are spent
fulfilling the patterns designed by corporations
patterns of consumption without depth
eating without tasting
stay on the road, nose to the grindstone
feed the car, park the car, drive the car, wash the car
sad to see you waiting at the traffic light
for the system to tell you when to move
your vehicle carries your soft body
landscapes whizzing by like a psychedelic trip
and we still expect to sleep in a quiet place
and we yearn for the oxygen of trees
the asphalt is a prison wall
poisoning the escape of the plants and animals below
that were above, now only ghosts
the machine that dispenses money
the person that doesn't vote
the stove that cooks the next meal
a shadow puppet of a carrot
a tattered poster advertising something not needed

is your routine controlled by money?
is your life patterned by the auto industry?
are you a puppet of your consumer desires?
what if you didn't have to drive to play?
what if you didn't have to drive to work?
what if you didn't have to drive to eat?
what if you didn't have to drive to shop?

play, work, eat, shop, skip driving

explore the small, the near
cultivate your surroundings for easy amazement
gaze blissfully at the pea flower, the squash flower

writing and art are far older than motor transportation
so writing and art have evolved a more complex power
in the same way that it was the human brain
that enabled it to outwit the larger predators
using a wide range of strategies

will the fat monkey survive the loss of it's mechanical crutches?
to what extent do elections induce nausea due to corruption?
if money is the center of your universe, then the money changers will own you. likewise with sex, power, religion, government, business or whatever.

i have nice things to say.
the bicycle makers will soon have a lot of business.
the used car salesmen will finally get to leave their posts.
the gas station attendants won't have to smell gas anymore.
the pick axe makers will satisfy the gardeners who got rid of their cars.
parking lot owners will breath fresh air on their new farms.

the media will have no sway over people
when they realize the gardens are more fascinating and sustaining.

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